About The Show

Real estate consultants and twin sisters Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb help desperate homeowners sell their lifeless homes with incredible renovations.


Episode 1

Keeping the Character

A couple's aging property has been on the market for five months. Leslie and Lyndsay believe the home can sell for $550,000, but it'll need a lot of work.

Episode 2

Two-Bedroom Dilemma

Lyndsay and Leslie see big potential in a two-bedroom home. They have plans to turn it into a modern three-bedroom farmhouse with a deck.

Episode 3

Small House Save

A divorcee asks Leslie and Lyndsay to help sell his small home. They revamp the kitchen and turn the detached garage into an additional living space.

Episode 4

Mid-Mod Oasis

A retiree calls on Leslie and Lyndsay to help sell her mid-century modern home. They focus on creating a garden oasis that shows off the beautiful mountain views.

Episode 5

Nest Egg Reno

A daughter asks Leslie and Lyndsay to take over her mother's rambler after it sat on the market for three months. They give the home a calming, coastal vibe.

Episode 6

Sibling Split Level

Contractor Jeff's sister and brother-in-law need to sell their split-level home. Leslie and Lyndsay transform this bland property into a French country cottage.

Episode 7

Outdated to Upgraded

Lyndsay and Leslie remodel an outdated Mill Creek Rambler. Can they unlock this awkward home's hidden potential and entice offers from high-end buyers?

Episode 8

A Contemporary Cleanup

Lyndsay and Leslie take on a lacklustre split-level home in a prime location. They replace its 1970s style with contemporary designs for high-end buyers.

Episode 9

Historic Home Rescue

An overwhelmed woman needs Lyndsay and Leslie's help after her mother's home has sat on the market for months. They restore this 1906 home to its original charm.

Episode 10

Rough Rental Reno

A couple want to sell their rental home so they can start their daughters' college fund. Leslie and Lyndsay are tasked with transforming this worn-out house.

Episode 11

Nineties to Now

Jeff and Kristen want to downsize but they are struggling to sell their 1990s tract home. Leslie and Lyndsay update the property with a high-end cabin look.

Episode 12

Day Care Redo

Mary can't retire until she sells her house that operates as a day care. Leslie and Lyndsay transform the commercial space with a vintage farmhouse style.

Episode 13

Renewed Ocean Views

Lyndsay and Leslie are challenged to transform an underwhelming condo. They give the property a Mediterranean design that showcases its stunning ocean view.

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