Episode 1

We Big but We Pretty

Plagued by health problems, Meghan hopes to get weight loss surgery along with her overweight best friend, Vanessa.

Episode 2

Friends Over Fat

After a painful recovery from bariatric surgery, Meghan works hard to keep Vanessa's diet on track. But Vanessa is struggling to lose any weight.

Episode 3

Dr. Procter Is a Daddy!

Corey is just getting back on his feet after being homeless, but he needs to make huge changes if he is going to live his dreams - or live at...

Episode 4

Slice Me Open, Dr. Procter

After Dr. Procter postponed Corey's bariatric surgery and increased his weight loss target to 25 pounds, Corey tries to stay focused on his diet.

Episode 5

Ready To Change My Life

George is a kind-hearted kindergarten teacher who weighs nearly 700 pounds. He is determined to lose weight to help him win back his ex-girlfriend.

Episode 6

Fat Girl's Dream

A car accident led to Jennifer's weight gain and a massive leg lymphedema. She believes bariatric surgery is her last chance to regain mobility.

Episode 7

The Original Heavy Hitta

Jasmin knows that she must get bariatric surgery so she can take care of her mum, who was recently diagnosed with MS, and her 7-year-old son.

Episode 8

Straight Outta Shape

At 708 pounds, Jessica is battling a host of life-threatening illnesses, and an emergency hospitalisation throws her weight loss off track.

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