Episode 1

Baby Miracles

An adorable baby hippo arrives and an orphaned koala needs support. Plus, a team travels to Kenya to share their innovative milk formula for elephant calves.

Episode 1


There's lots of excitement at the zoo as staff welcome a kangaroo joey, two penguin chicks, and a baby sloth. Plus, a baby hippopotamus starts training.

Episode 2

Cubs Come Home

A pair of rescued mountain lion cubs are ready for their new habitat. Plus, a white rhino undergoes an intense procedure in the hope of saving the species!

Episode 3

Mabel's Joy

Hyena brothers are moved into the lions' habitat. Plus, the staff are ecstatic when a zebra shows signs of pregnancy and Mabel the pygmy hippo welcomes a calf.

Episode 4

Cheetah On The Run

The staff develop an innovative course of treatment when a cheetah has an injury. Plus, the zoo hosts the only pair of platypuses outside Australia.

Episode 5

Koala Boys

The Rhino Rescue Center welcomes Arthur, the southern white rhino calf. Meanwhile, a young nyala must be hand-raised before returning to its herd.

Episode 6

Baby Wallaby Debut

When lesser flamingo eggs and chicks are being preyed upon, the team must make a nerve-wracking decision. Plus, a wallaby and her joey become ambassador animals.

Episode 7

Hog Wild

After taking over the former red river hog habitat, a gazelle gives the team a big surprise. Staff race to prepare a den when they suspect the Amur leopard is...

Episode 8

Dining With Meerkats

Staff hope for a mating match between the black rhino newcomers. Meanwhile, the meerkats are put on a new diet and a lizard needs support.

Episode 9

Abigail The Incredible

Staff feel the pressure as a century-old Galapagos tortoise undergoes surgery. And, an orphan koala bear gets a special birthday surprise.

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