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Coming Soon

Episode 1

Welcome To Our World

A baby klipspringer is born on one of the coldest nights of the season and needs to be nursed back to health. Plus, gorilla Joanne turns five years old.

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Episode 2

Yeti And The Cubs

The Safari Park team release a group of burrowing owls into the wild. Plus, a hamadryas baboon searches for a mate, but the keepers may need to help him.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

New Day For An Old Tortoise

Tortoise Jaws isn't well, so the staff works to bring him out of his shell. Two giraffe calves need to be hand-reared and a koala is ready for a mate.

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Episode 4

A Lion's Tale

The keepers prepare a high-spirited black rhino for her new life on the open African Plains exhibit. Plus, the zoo staff care for a 15-year-old lion and his mate.

Coming Soon

Episode 5


A mother panda and her cub are returned to China. A new zebra joins the herd and a retired elephant tries traditional Chinese medicine to treat her arthritis.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Mek Comes Home

Mek the tiger returns to the zoo after six years. Two shy tree kangaroos are introduced to one another and the keepers have to move over one hundred animals!

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Penguin Chick Swim School

The keepers wave goodbye to two elephant brothers as they start their new adventure at a zoo in Texas. Plus, two African penguin chicks join the colony.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Mkhaya Discovers Her Trunk

The youngest elephant at the park learns how to use her trunk. Plus, an Andean bear is ready to mate and Jeff searches for the elusive coast patch-nosed snake.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Miracle Calf

Two influential zoos in San Diego provide a unique look at their animals, keepers and veterinarians and explain the unique projects that help fund the organisations.