Episode 1

The Secret

Friends Debra Coffey and Melissa Lewis both work at a Florida law firm. When Melissa's body is found in a canal, Debra is wracked with guilt as a dark secret...

Episode 2

The Manifesto

When Pastor Remington is shot dead in broad daylight at his church police launch a manhunt. Across town, the Odom family fear their own missing son is in danger.

Episode 3

The Oath

The Shahanazaris moved from Iran to California for a better life. But when youngest son, Chris, is killed in a violent home invasion, his brother fears he is to blame.

Episode 4

The Pledge

Debbie Smith gets the call every mother fears: her son, Matthew, has died at college. Police learn it was more than an accident - could those closest to him be...

Episode 5

The Protector

Doris Bradley moved her family to a small, idyllic Illinois town to escape the violence in Chicago. Then, one day her 16-year-old daughter, Diamond, disappears.

Episode 6

The Promise

When a mother vanishes without a trace, police believe she left by her own volition. But, her mum knows she would never abandoned her children and vows to find her.

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