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29th November


About The Show

An off-grid community welcomes new members to its controversial way of life. Who will be forced to leave and who will call The Garden home for good?


Nov 29



Episode 3

Group Consensus

Loyalties will be tested and friendships questioned as the vote approaches for Tyler M. and whether he can stay in the commune. Oak has trouble fitting in.

Dec 6



Episode 4

A Tale Of Two Tylers

Tyler M. is voted in as a permanent member. But setting his sights on leading the entire commune - upsetting members and directly confronting Tyler C.

Dec 13



Episode 5

The Garden Fractures

Team Tree and Team Patrick are at odds, threatening the unified collective. A tornado hits The Garden, left vulnerable without a storm shelter.

Episode 1

Welcome To The Garden

A mysterious off-grid community that went viral on TikTok for being labelled a cult, opens its doors to outside cameras for the very first time.

Episode 2

Suspicious Minds

Despite calling the cops, Narayah decides to stay in the commune. Meanwhile, newcomer Tyler M.'s discomfort with the group's cult-like antics intensifies.

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