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Eight of the fastest teams in the US descend on Memphis to compete for the biggest street race yet, and a prize of $100,000 – the highest payout in street racing history.


Episode 1

Black Sheep Vs Virginia PT 1

The wildcard round pits two new teams against each other. Who will triumph as the Black Sheep Mafia take on Team Virginia?

Episode 2

Black Sheep Vs Virginia PT 2

The wildcard round between Black Sheep Mafia and Team Virginia continues! Axman stops up for his team in a big way.

Episode 3

Black Sheep Vs VA Grudge Night

Big-time racers from California and North Carolina set up a high-stakes grudge race. Who will raise their game to claim the $10,000 prize?

Episode 4

Texas Vs Cali PT 1

Teams Texas and California face off in the second matchup of the wildcard round. Texas are determined to prove their early loss last season was a fluke.

Episode 5

Texas Vs Cali PT 2

Teams Texas and California face off in the second matchup of the wildcard round. Texas are determined to prove their early loss last season was a fluke.

Episode 6

Texas Vs. Cali Grudge Night

Another night of grudge racing hits the streets! And, things get out of control when too many people try to get involved with a big money bet.

Episode 7

Kentucky Vs. Wyoming Pt 1

Teams Kentucky and Wyoming face off in the third matchup of the wildcard round. Kentucky are the underdogs, but they'll do anything to win.

Episode 8

Kentucky Vs. Wyoming Pt 2

The battle between Kentucky and Wyoming continues. It's going to be a fight to the finish as only one of these teams can make it into Round 1.

Episode 9

KY Vs. WY Grudge Night

The racers set up a fresh batch of grudge matches. Everyone's on edge when there's a nasty crash in a race between teams Texas and California.

Episode 10

Iowa Vs Utah PT 1

Teams Utah and Iowa face off in the final matchup of the Wildcard Round. Utah lack inexperience - but will they prove they're a force to be reckoned with?

Episode 11

Iowa vs. Utah Pt 2

The matchup between Utah and Iowa continues. The teams are tied up as they head into the second round of their Wildcard matchup.

Episode 12

Iowa Vs Utah Grudge Night

After the final Wildcard matchup, racers hit the streets for some grudge racing. The Detroit racers prep for a matchup against the Northeast.

Episode 13

Ne Vs Detroit PT 1

Detroit and the Northeast face off in the first matchup of round 1. Rankin has a new group, while Chucky's Detroit legends have an extra year of knowledge.

Episode 14

Ne Vs Detroit PT 2

The matchup between Detroit and the Northeast rages on and it won't be an easy win for either. In this battle, it will come down to the very last race.

Episode 15

Ne Vs Detroit Grudge Night

The racers stick around to lock in grudge races for money and data on the road. NOLA struggles to get their rides in tune to stay in the game.

Episode 16

Texas Vs Kentucky PT 1

Teams Texas and Wyoming finally get their chance to battle. Both teams are ready to pull out all the stops to make it to the next round $20,000 richer.

Episode 17

Texas Vs Kentucky PT 2

The battle between Texas and Kentucky continues. While team Kentucky may be down, they're ready to give it all they've got to win.

Episode 18

Texas Vs Kentucky Grudge Night

Lizzy Musi is back on the streets looking for grudge racing. And, the Black Sheep Mafia wants to show South Carolina they're not underdogs.

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