About The Show

Eight of the fastest teams in the US descend on Memphis to compete for the biggest street race yet, and a prize of $100,000 – the highest payout in street racing history.


Episode 1

Biggest Street Race Ever

JJ Da Boss invites the fastest teams in the US to compete for $100,000. In round one, the underdogs from South Carolina take on the St. Louis team.

Episode 2

David Meet Goliath

Mouthy leadership, fired-up tempers, and high-pressure situations dominate a tension-filled night when South Carolina race against the St. Louis crew.

Episode 3

We Got Bad Blood

For the second heat, Kye Kelley and his NOLA racers take on Birdman and his team from Texas. As the rivals battle, car trouble stops one team in its tracks.

Episode 4

First-Round Knockout

The race war continues between Team NOLA and Texas in a battle that comes down to which team can race best under pressure. Which team will come out on top?

Episode 5

Civil War

Quinn and his family of racers face off against Chris Rankin's team. Rankin's team haven't raced together before, but could Quinn's temper ruin his chance of victory?

Episode 6

The Storm Rages On

Rankin pushes as many buttons as he can in an attempt to unravel Quinn's team, forcing JJ to intervene before the street race turns into a street brawl.

Episode 7

Spinning Ain't Winning

Chucky's ready to prove his infamous team from Detroit, Motor City's, dominance. However, McCarver knows a big mouth doesn't guarantee victory.

Episode 8

Move Over, Motor City

The final match continues between the racers from Mississippi and Detroit. A surprise comeback from Richard McCarver keeps the South in the game.

Episode 9

The Final Four

Four teams have made it to the second round of the biggest street race in history. Chris Rankin's Northeast crew go up against Kye Kelley's New Orleans team.

Episode 10

The Takedown

In the second round, Chris Rankin's Northeast team go head-to-head with Kye Kelley's New Orleans crew. The North will have to dig deep to turn things around.

Episode 11

Big, Bad Block

Chucky and his team from Detroit take on Chris Block's South Carolina racers. Tensions are still high from the duo's scuffle at the last chip draw.

Episode 12

Too Much Power

Emotions run high as the race between Detroit and South Carolina comes down to the wire. Can Chris Block's racers take advantage of a mistake by Chucky's crew?

Episode 13

Battle Of The Heavyweights

After weeks of intense racing, only two teams remain standing. Which crew will emerge victorious and get a shot at the $100,000 race with Memphis?

Episode 14

Dominate Or Go Home

Two teams go head-to-head in the final battle to see who will race Memphis for $100,000. One team takes a big risk to pull ahead, will it pay off?

Episode 15

100 Grand Stand

$100,000 is on the line as the final race gets underway. Can the challengers handle the fast-paced pressure and keep up with the feared Memphis team?

Episode 16

Winner Takes All

The two teams feel the pressure as the final race comes to a thrilling close. Will the challengers overcome Memphis to claim the $100,000 prize?