About The Show

The bond between mothers and daughters is something special, but it can go too far for some. This is the world of extreme and overly-dependent mother-daughter pairs.


Episode 1

Equally Obsessed

Cher isn't allowed to let her mum know she's pregnant, but she can't keep it a secret. Plus, Sunhe doesn't think any man can love her daughter as much as...

Episode 2

Kathy & Cristina: Our Journey So Far

The bond between mums and daughters is special, but it can go too far for some. This is the dramatic story of Kathy and Cristina's relationship.

Episode 2

Am I Invited?

Cher and Dawn keep a big secret from the whole family. Plus, Sandra and Mariah head to Las Vegas and friction continues to grow between Jason and Sunhe.

Episode 3

Our Own Little World

Sandra hijacks Mariah's 21st party, causing plenty of drama. Plus, controlling Sunhe goes behind Angelica's back and confronts Jason about his baggage.

Episode 4

Three's Company

Cathy and Cristina break Carly's trust when they spy on her date. Plus, Dawn attends Cher And Jared's sonogram and Mariah organises a double date for her and Sandra!

Episode 5

Make Room For Mom

Christina wants her and Kathy to have matching breasts, so they have a joint implant consultation. Plus, Mariah admits to their dates that Sandra is her mum!

Episode 6

Time To Intervene

Sunhe joins Angelia to break up with Jason, but he surprises them both! Plus, Dawn and Cher meet with an agent to discuss publishing their parenting book.

Episode 7

Pushing Boundaries

Sunhe and Angelica argue about Jason. Plus, Mariah encourages Sandra to do a sexy photoshoot and Cher and Jared plan a gender reveal party without Dawn.

Episode 8

Cutting The Cord

The drama continues at the family event for Kathy and Cristina. Angelica goes behind Sunhe's back and Dawn learns Cher has been keeping another secret from her.