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The bond between mothers and daughters is something special, but it can go too far for some. This is the world of extreme and overly-dependent mother-daughter pairs.


Episode 1

Ponies, Parties & Pageants

Kathy wants a funeral birthday party. Eva and Sunnie get personal with a treatment and Mary and Brittani are back and closer than ever.

Episode 2

Fights, Funerals & Fiancés

Eva takes proposal matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Sky and Skylar struggle to share the spotlight, and Brittani is keeping a big secret.

Episode 3

Sex, Love And Dinner Dates

Things get uncomfortable when Mary asks Brittani and TJ about their sex life. Trevor's wife thinks his bond with his mother-in-law, India, is too much.

Episode 4

Flamingos And Fake Booties

Catherine and Gabriella practice model walks among the flamingos. Plus, Mary worries Brittani's boyfriend is making her insecure.

Episode 5

Birthdays And Nude Beaches

Mary and Brittani go to a nude beach with TJ. Plus, Skylar's birthday party becomes all about Sky, and Gabriella and Catherine head to the pageant.

Episode 6

Twerking And Top Five

Scott hopes to move away from Eva, but Sunnie has other plans. Trevor and India's closeness concerns his mum. Mary takes over Brittani's BBL consultation.

Episode 7

New Path, New Baby, Same Old Drama

Sunnie's plan to come clean blows up in her face. DeLeesa gives Trevor an ultimatum. The results of the pageant pave a new path for Gabriella.

Episode 8

Moving In, Moving Out and Moving On

India loses it when Trevor asks her to move out. Gabriella tells Catherine she's considering quitting pageants.

Episode 9

Leave, Laugh, Loathe

Cristina fights through tears as she gives the eulogy at Kathy's funeral. Skylar struggles to tell her mother the truth. Scott tries to make amends with Eva.

Episode 10

Make-Ups, Breakups, Meltdowns

Catherine freaks when Gabby reveals big news. When India confronts DeLeesa, Trevor is forced to choose a side. Brittani and TJ reveal they're engaged.

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