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Olivia Buckland helps brides find their dream wedding dress and give pre-owned frocks, each with their own story, a second chance to shine down the aisle!


Episode 1


Bride Lucy wants a princess gown, but her sister wants to see her in something fitted. Olivia has four gorgeous second chance dresses: will the sisters ever agree?

Episode 1

Best Bargains

Olivia looks back at the best bargains from across the series including one seller who liked the bride so much she was happy to give her dress for free!

Episode 2


Bride Alice has tried on 60 dresses with no joy and her friends are tiring of her indecisiveness. Will Olivia's choice of four second chance gowns give her a magical...

Episode 2

Most Awkward Moments

Olivia looks back at the series' cringiest moments including a dress that reminded the bride of drag queens and a woman likened to a toilet roll holder.

Episode 3


Super-opinionated Welsh bride, Zoe, lives 60 miles from any bridal shop. With six kids at home, she's found it impossible to find the perfect wedding dress. Can Olivia help?

Episode 4


Free-spirited Penny is eloping to Cornwall and wants the perfect second chance dress to show off her amazing back tattoo. Can she get a dream dress on a small budget?

Episode 5


Samara seeks the perfect dress for her destination wedding. With her upfront mum by her side, will one of Olivia's four second chance dresses meet her high standards?

Episode 6


Mum-of-five, Cat, seldom gets a chance to glam up. Olivia has four gorgeous second chance dresses but will any of them give Cat that confidence boost to feel more than...

Episode 7


Straight-talking bride-to-be Charlott wants a designer gown but she's on a high street budget. Can she avoid insulting the sellers long enough to negotiate the right price?

Episode 8


Selfless mum Myrah always puts others first. Best friend Antoinette thinks it's time for Myrah to stand centre stage and find a dress that puts her feelings ahead of budget.

Episode 9


Budget-conscious Wendy wants an edgy dress that shows off her tattoo. Her sister wants to see her in something glitzy and glam. Can the sisters compromise on the style?

Episode 10


New mum Laurie had a Turkish wedding but now she's planning an English ceremony so all her friends and family can attend. Can Olivia find her the perfect second chance...

Episode 11


Scottish bride Nikki is looking for the perfect boho dress for her laid back, summer wedding. She's brought along friends Donna and Doreen to help bag the best deal possible.

Episode 12


Bargain hunter Jess wants a dress that will match her designer shoes. Olivia has lined up four stunning dresses, but will any of these be the right fit for her...

Episode 13


Indecisive bride Jodie has already bought and changed her mind on 6 wedding dresses and is thinking of calling off her wedding! Olivia has never had so much pressure.

Episode 14


Sophie is looking for something sexy, but her mum wants to see her in something sophisticated. Olivia has four beautiful second chance dresses but will any please them both?

Episode 15


Cordelia wants to connect with her dress on a spiritual level and find something to match her personality, will any of Olivia's four dresses be able to work their magic?

Episode 16


Sharp negotiator Cheryl is looking for a western wedding dress that stays sensitive to her Chinese culture. But sister Eunice wants something more fashion-forward.

Episode 17


Halina tried on her dream dress - before it got sold to someone else. Despite searching, nothing has come close to 'the one'. Can Olivia find another dress to match...

Episode 18


Ciara is on a weight loss journey and wants a sexy second chance dress that makes her look and feel beautiful. Can Olivia find a gown that will also please...

Episode 19

Emma Louise

Bridal shop owner Emma Louise and has tried on over 200 dresses and she's lost her way! Can one of Olivia's gorgeous second chance dresses make her see the light?

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