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More scandalous stories of betrayal, deception, and sexual intrigue are unravelled to expose how love can be lethal. But who will get away with murder?


Episode 1

Marathon Lover

Remy and Jennifer are living the American dream in New York. But when Remy begins an affair with Jennifer's best friend, the only plausible outcome is a deadly one.

Episode 2

Heavy Betting

Brett and Tammy live the ideal suburban life in South Carolina, until Brett's secret gambling business takes on a life of its own and infidelity leads to a lethal end.

Episode 3

Bear Down

Shaun and Rhoni have been together a long time. But when Shaun begins seeing a series of other women things spiral out of control, setting the stage for a horrific...

Episode 4

Northern Exposure

Ruby's husband John has legal troubles that drive him to multiple infidelities. After he mysteriously disappears, the hunt for him reveals a depraved reality.

Episode 5

Kentucky Thrill Ride

Mike and Elizabeth are the perfect couple. But when Elizabeth meets a mysterious woman, she enters a world of casual sex, drugs, lesbian affairs - and murder.

Episode 6

Manhattan Murder Mystery

A wife is spending a fortune while her husband scrambles to get them out of debt. A hot publicist is the final straw for their marriage - and their lives.

Episode 9

Naughty Not Nice

Yamisha is a married woman and a party girl. Her husband's efforts to control her only have the opposite effect. Will her decisions come back to haunt her?

Episode 10

A Playbook for Murder

Sam and Mirinda are a well-liked couple. But the former cheerleader has a taste for betrayal and it sends her right into the arms of a cold-blooded killer.

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