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David Bromstad helps lucky Americans buy their dream properties. The families, couples and individuals have won big in the lottery or on scratch cards.


Episode 1

Big Kona Energy

After winning $5 million, a couple want to move to their wedding destination, Hawaii. With a huge budget, David searches for incredible properties with ocean views.

Episode 2

Myrtle Beach Moves

A woman who received an inheritance, wants to move to the warm shores of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. David helps her and her friend find her forever home.

Episode 3

Rubber City Band Aid

A couple never had the means to buy their own home, until they won $1 million. David helps them find a home with a big garden and space to host...

Episode 4

Living Large In Lubbock

Thanks to an inheritance, a Georgia resident has the chance to buy a large family home in Lubbock, Texas. David finds her some beautiful, spacious houses.

Episode 5

Friendly Kenly

David meets a couple who, after battling an illness that left them in a terrible place financially, won $1 million. He helps them find the perfect place to recover.

Episode 6

Memphis Family Ties

David helps two cousins find the grand, sprawling family home of their dreams in Memphis. They're looking for the perfect property, complete with bathtub!

Episode 7

Bustle To The 'Burbs

David searches for a mum who's ready to get out of the city and find her dream home in the suburbs after winning a million dollars on a scratcher.

Episode 9

Nova Scotia Homecoming Queen

Oceanfront properties are on the list as David helps a lucky lottery winner find her dream home when she returns to Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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