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About The Show

David Bromstad is in Milford, Connecticut to help a man spend his $1 million winnings wisely. He wants a cool bachelor pad in the historic seaside town.


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Episode 1

My Lottery Dream Stable

A family won a massive $5 million on a scratch card. They've always dreamt of buying a horse ranch in Florida and now they finally can!

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Episode 2

Little Sister, Big House

A woman won $1 million on a scratch card and can now move out of her rental house. She wants to buy her first home in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

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Episode 3

Tallahassee Dream Team

A man who bought a scratch card every day finally won big. With his $1 million prize money he wants to purchase his first house in Tallahassee, Florida.

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Episode 4

Texas Beach House

A man became a millionaire after winning big on a Vegas slot machine. He immediately bought his dream home but now he's looking for a beach house in Texas.

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Episode 5

The Long Island Dream

A New York couple look to buy a home in Long Island after winning $3 million on a scratch card. But, will they go for waterfront or more inland?

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Episode 6

Ten Million To One

After winning $10 million, a man is retiring and moving to Hollywood, Florida. Can David Bromstad help him find the perfect property to relax and entertain in?

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Episode 7

Waterfront Windfall

A couple who won $1 million in the national lottery are looking to buy a property in Nova Scotia, Canada. Should they choose a lake house or ocean view?

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Episode 8

Moving On Up In California

A couple can finally buy their own home after winning $1 million on a scratch card. They're searching for a property in San Jose, California.

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Episode 9

Athol Family Dream Home

A mother with a daily scratch card ritual finally won after seven years of playing. Her family are looking for their dream home in Western, Massachusetts.

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Episode 10

Beginner's Luck

A lottery sceptic won $1 million on her first ever ticket. Now, with David Bromstad's help, she is looking to buy the perfect retirement property in sunny Florida.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Luck Of The Irish

A couple hit the jackpot when they won on the St. Patrick's Day lottery. They want to larger family home for their twins in Chicago's classy North Shore area.

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Episode 12

Champagne Moments

A man bought a scratch card at a local garage for his girlfriend and they won $1 million. The couple want to upgrade their family home in Champaign, Illinois.

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Episode 13

Four-Million-Dollar Smile

A man who regularly played the lottery, but never believed he would win $4 million. Now, he needs a new pad to house all his flashy cars.

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Episode 14

IT Geek To Rich And Chic

David Bromstad is in Milford, Connecticut to help a man spend his $1 million winnings wisely. He wants a cool bachelor pad in the historic seaside town.