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Two best friends plan their double gypsy wedding until one mother-in-law does all she can to stop her son from marrying outside the gypsy bloodline.


Episode 1

When Bridesmaids Go Bad

The son of Gypsy matriarch, Nettie is getting married. But when groom Whitey asks Dallas to be in the wedding, he risks her wild ways ruining everything.

Episode 2

From Jail To Wedding Veil

A strict gypsy mum arranges a marriage in an attempt to tame her daughter's wild ways. Then, the arrival of a Romanichal baby sparks a family war.

Episode 3

Gypsy Jinxes and Wedding Hijinks

Brittany and Kalynn plan to wed their gorger fiancés in a double wedding. Plus, a superstitious couple are convinced their wedding is cursed.

Episode 4

The Greek Goddess And The Giant Gown

A Greek gypsy bride hunts the most blinged-out wedding dress ever, and a gypsy's Sweet 16 party is derailed by her over-bearing grandmother.

Episode 5

So I Married My Ex-Babysitter...

When a young gypsy man marries his ex-babysitter, the couple adds fire to a family feud that dates back to over 30 years.

Episode 6

Rituals, Rules And The Ultimate Gypsy Test

A traditional gypsy mum demands that her daughter perform a series of ancient rituals to determine if she's ready to wed.

Episode 7

A Romney Rebel Returns

A runaway Gypsy mom tries to win back her twin daughter's affections and a gypsy mom of two finally weds her gorger sweetheart in a fiery nuptials.

Episode 8

The Gypsy Ball: A Night To Remember

Four Gypsy teens prepare for the biggest night of their lives at the Gypsy Ball. For these women, this could be the first and last courtship.

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