Episode 1

The Grifter Murders

The mysterious disappearance of a New York millionaire and a plan to steal an $8 million townhouse unearths an unbelievable story and two con artists.

Episode 3

Suburban Psycho

When Kay Parsons is brutally murdered and her best friend is shot the very next day, police uncover a tale of adulterous deceit and a deadly mother-son conspiracy.

Episode 4

Nine Bullet 'Suicide'

A brutal nine-shot execution has only two suspects, the victim's ex-wife, and their son. Police uncover a toxic family history and a mother's murderous rage.

Episode 5

Groomed To Kill

Ten-year-old Corey Breininger shoots his father in a tragic accident. But years later, Corey recounts the sinister role his scheming step-mum played in the crime.

Episode 6

Blood Feud

When the heir-apparent to a Colorado ranch suddenly disappears, his family doesn't seem to care. Police quickly uncover a body and a vicious family feud.

Episode 7

Mommy's Little Sex Dungeon

The murder of a father devastates his family. But when his widow and her son turn the home into a sex party house, it exposes a very different reality.

Episode 8

The Root Of All Evil

The brutal murder of popular businessman Kevin Boyd shocks a quiet Michigan suburb. But police quickly uncover a vicious family story of duplicity and betrayal.

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