Episode 1

Carolina Whole Hog

Tickle and Tank head deep into the southern backroads. They challenge pitmasters James Sampson and Mat Griner to prepare a delicious whole hog BBQ.

Episode 2

Back Country Ribs

Legendary pitmasters join Tickle and Tank to judge an underground battle of East Carolina ribs in a contest that comes down to heritage and flavour.

Episode 3

Pulled Pork Throwdown

Tickle and Tank pit a former moonshiner against a young gun in an underground battle for pulled pork supremacy. Barbecue legend Carey Bringle guest judges.

Episode 4

Southern Smoked Chicken

Georgians compete to make legendary slow-smoked chicken, which has been served for decades at community gatherings across the deep south.

Episode 5

Smoked Sausage With Snap

In Tickle and Tank's most ambitious underground competition yet, pitmasters turn prime cuts of meat into their own masterworks of Southern-smoked sausage.

Episode 6

Low Country Legacy

Tickle and Tank dive deep into the culinary heritage of South Carolina's Low Country. Sean and Eddie Mendes battle Jamie Hough in a smoked seafood showdown.

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