About The Show

If your numbers came up, what would you do? Keep your job, or start up a new enterprise? We chronicle unbelievable changes in the lifestyle and appearance of lottery winners.


Episode 1

Race Car Millionaire

Discover how Joe's $75.6 million win enabled him to indulge his passion for NASCAR racing and how a knock at the door saved the Gornichecs from bankruptcy.

Episode 2

Sheriff Millionaire

Meet Randy, the town sheriff who has used his $79 million win to help his community. Plus, find out how Terry has chosen to spend his $9 million windfall.

Episode 3

Most Eligible Millionaire

Leroy went from food stamps to living in luxury when he won two million dollars. His son is determined to help him become the most eligible millionaire.

Episode 4

Millionaire Bride

$112 million California Lottery winner, Cynthia, is pulling out the big bucks now that she's engaged and is planning the wedding of a lifetime.

Episode 5

Big Jackpots, Big Changes

A look back at the 20 most life changing lottery wins. These are the biggest and best transformations of the unforgettably extravagant jackpot wins.

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