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Mining claims lying dormant are given a new lease of life in this series, as a pair of tough builders work with cash-strapped claim owners to transform them into thriving operations.

Long-time friends Alex Charvat and Kevin Gilman buy old mining claims – with potentially unfound gold – and flip the properties on these remote pieces of land so that they are once again habitable.

Most of the properties have building restrictions, so these handymen must use their ingenuity to make what is already there usable for those wild men and women looking for their next home in the most isolated parts of America.


Episode 1

Cabin In The Sky

Alex and Kevin help a couple build a cabin around their newly bought claim. The only issue is getting to the isolated property - which requires a helicopter!

Episode 2

Golden Cabin

Alex and Kevin offer to renovate the couple's rundown 30-year-old cabin. But if the land isn't profitable, they may have to negotiate a deal.

Episode 3

Paydirt Or Bust

Alex and Kevin renovate a mine's machine shop so the mine can begin generating income. The guys negotiate a deal that could be their biggest payoff yet.

Episode 4

Poor Man's Mine

A third-generation miner has big dreams of re-opening his father's silver mine, but unsafe conditions call for backup. Alex and Kevin negotiate a deal to restore it.

Episode 5

Desert Digging

Alex and Kevin battle the arid Arizona climate to help mine owner James make his $200 claim profitable. Everything changes when they make a surprising discovery.

Episode 6

Episode 6

Three miners have invested over $100,000 into their claim. Alex and Kevin head to Arizona to help this faltering team improve their milling operation.

Episode 7

Seeking Ore

Modern-day prospectors Alex and Kevin help homesteader Judd and his family re-open a mine and build three much-needed weatherproof structures before winter hits.

Episode 8

Episode 8

Alex and Kevin travel to the old gold mining town of Nevadaville, Colorado. They visit a young man who has inherited around 30 claims and needs help.

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