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Next Up


31st January



Jan 31


Episode 1

Suburban Assault

In Texas, a family battles for its home after their son finds a venomous snake in the toilet. In Florida, a mystery predator targets a family's livestock.

Feb 3


Episode 2

The Walls Have Eyes

In Texas, a deadly predator is targeting a family's beloved pets. In Kansas City, a single mother is hit by a series of horrifying animal invasions.

Feb 4


Episode 3

They Came from Below

In Detroit, a filthy neighbour turns a dream apartment into a nightmare. In California, a mother battles to protect her special needs son from venomous snakes.

Feb 5


Episode 4

Vicious and Venomous

A family in Arkansas move into a house already home to a deadly infestation of spiders. In Florida, a dream home is surrounded by venomous snakes.

Feb 6


Episode 5

Cannibal Invasion

In Colorado, a black bear breaks into a cabin while the owner sleeps upstairs. Plus, a young couple in Louisiana is trapped in their trailer by a swarm of bees.

Feb 7


Episode 6

Breaking And Entering

A young couple in Boston are kept awake at night by mysterious noises coming from the ceiling. Plus, a family unites to protect their home from grizzly bears.