About The Show

Siblings Leanne and Steve Ford help people move back to where they grew up. They update the homes for new generations while still respecting the past.


Episode 1

Paris In Pittsburgh

A couple have moved back to their old neighbourhood in Franklin Park, Pennsylvania. They ask Leanne and Steve to give their home a more contemporary feel.

Episode 2

Cousin Invasion

A couple have bought an old Victorian in a charming Pittsburgh neighbourhood. Leanne and Steve update the house to get it ready for their monthly dinner party.

Episode 3

Farmhouse Family Reunion

A couple have inherited a gorgeous farmhouse and a mini golf course. Steve and Leanne update the space while keeping the rich family history intact.

Episode 4

Steel city bohemian

Leanne and Steve are excited to help an old school friend with her new home in Fox Chapel. They knock down walls to transform the closed off floor plan.

Episode 5

To honor a childhood home

A woman has bought a home across the street from Pittsburgh's most celebrated icon, Mr. Rogers. Leanne and Steve give the property a new aesthetic.

Episode 6

A fresh start

Kelly Jo has purchased her grandfather's old property in hopes of making a fresh start with her son. Leanne and Steve brighten up this drab home.

Episode 7

Sister-In-Law Suite

Leanne updates a charming cottage for her sister-in-law, Ali. This includes transforming the home's small kitchen so Ali can cook for family gatherings.