About The Show

Mike Holmes, his daughter Sherry and son Michael share their expertise to rescue homeowners from botched construction jobs and renovation fatigue.


Episode 1

Beware Of The Demon Door

Mike, Michael and Sherry come to a family's rescue after a basement trench was left behind by a contractor who took their money and disappeared.

Episode 2

A Leaky Situation

Mike and Sherry visit a family who need to make their home accessible for their son. Plus, a couple need help to find and fix the source of ongoing leaks.

Episode 3

We Have Lift Off

Just as a homeowner was about to give birth, she and her partner were scammed by a contractor who left them a shoddy kitchen. Can the Holmes family fix the...

Episode 4

Accessibility Denied

A motorcycle racer was scared off renovations by an intimidating contractor. To help, the Holmes family must deal with unsafe gas leaks and shoddy workmanship.

Episode 5

Renovation Paralysis

A motorcycle racer is trying to renovate her dysfunctional home after a series of bad contractors. The Holmes family step in as her new construction pit crew.

Episode 6

Shock And Awe

A mother is in danger of losing her foster license after contractors left her a house of hazards. The Holmes family is determined to create a safe and functional home.

Episode 7

Watered Down Dreams

A couple bought their forever home in the country only to have their dreams watered down by endless leaks in the basement. Can the family fix this major issue?

Episode 8

It's A Water-Filled Life

Mike, Sherry and Michael help a mother and daughter restore their home and health after a basement flood that left dangerous electrical issues and mould.

Episode 9

Take Me Holmes, Country Roads

Mike, Michael and Sherry answer a woman's distress call after a dodgy contractor botched the repairs in her flooded basement.

Episode 10

Color Crisis

The Holmes family find dangerous structural issues, gas leaks, and even electrical short cuts by the previous contractor at their friend's renovation.

Episode 11

Tickled Pink

The Holmes family is shocked by issues the previous contractor left in their friend's home. A client gets a colourful transformation after years of basement battles.

Episode 12

A Friend In Need

While recovering from a life-saving transplant, electrician Frank has been dealing with his own home's structural issues left by a previous contractor.

Episode 13

Holmes For The Holidays

Sherry challenges Michael and Mike to a competition to determine who is the best at decorating for Christmas. The whole family is pulling out all the stops.

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