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City boys, Midwestern mums, and a couple of fireman fight catfish hillbilly-style in Oklahoma’s murky waters. But who is the greatest noodler?


Episode 1

Preachin' To The Catfish

Two megachurch pastors call on the powers above to catch the biggest fish. Plus, two huntresses from Ohio look for danger in the murky waters of Oklahoma.

Episode 2

Mud Luvin' Ballroom Dancers

Cocktail waitresses Brenda and Elizabeth bring the Reno approach to Okie noodlin' and ballroom dancers Mike and Alex adapt to the Oklahoma countryside.

Episode 3

Beauty And The Geeks

More noodling newbies are ready to wrestle. But will dragon-fighting geeks Drew and Ken or Miami beauty queens Lisette and Michelle catch more catfish?

Episode 4

Jersey Shore Noodlers

The noodling newbies wrestle in the muddiest waters this side of Mason-Dixie. But can Jersey girls Krystyna and Connie out-fish car salesmen Paul and Mark?

Episode 5

Catfish Kin

A husband and wife team from Louisiana, and a father daughter team from New Mexico dive head first into the Red River and give new meaning to the term family...

Episode 6

Singing To The Catfish Choir

Bovins and his buddy Jackson take an unlikely bunch of mechanics, gospel singers, and wrestlers to some new territory in the search for their prey.

Episode 7

Luck Of The Irish

Oklahoma is in for a surprise with this week's guests, which include an Irish couple looking for an all-American experience, and a pair of Savannah pub owners.

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