About The Show

Pure Vision in Simi Valley, California is a custom shop that specialises in one-off hot rods. Steve Strope and his extraordinary team put their skills to the test and work their magic.


Episode 1

What Were You Thinking?

Steve and his team put their design skills to the test on a custom '57 Ford Wagon. With their sights set on SEMA, Steve races the clock to deliver on...

Episode 2

Failure Is Not An Option

Steve Strope and his crew hammer out the final details for the custom '57 Ford Wagon. Meanwhile, Pure Vision revisits an old build for a long-time client.

Episode 3

I Want More Than That

Steve and the guys work on restoring a rare '63 Toyota Stout for a client in Australia. Also, the crew works on a Corvette owned by long-time client Joe Rogan.

Episode 4

There Isn't Another One

Steve and the team work on a '63 Chevy Nova for a new customer. Simultaneously, the crew works on a personal project: Steve's '64 Oldsmobile.

Episode 5

Less Is More

Steve transforms an abandoned '71 GTO convertible for a return client who gives him free rein. Pure Vision is revisited by an old build that needs a few quick fixes.

Episode 6

And I, Don't Think That Way

Steve and the crew work on Joe Rogan's '69 Nova. And, Kelly works on a car that's been in his family for generations - his father's '32 Ford Coupe.

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