Episode 1

The Ultimate Gypsy-Gorger-Gypsy Love Triangle

Cearia is supposed to marry her fiancé Sam, but is in a love triangle with her cousin! Angie plans a party to find daughter a husband.

Episode 2

Gypsy Sisters Bridal Brawl

Nukkie has left Pookie and is now engaged to a gorger. Will Mellie and Annie crash the bridal shower? Jewel's former suitor makes a plan to win her back.

Episode 3

Surprise! You're Getting Married

Nukkie's wedding to Jonas is in jeopardy when an ex stirs up trouble. Jett locks horns with her mother over her daughter's birthday party plans.

Episode 4

My Daughter's Not Marrying A Jailbird!

Jett and Bubba want to wed before his jail sentence but her mother isn't so sure. Gypsy Mona Lisa throws her daughter a coming of age party.

Episode 5

After The Rain Comes The Rainbow

Samantha can't wait to marry Bridgette but will her sister ruin the big day? Lexi worries her brother will sabotage her chances of finding love.

Episode 6

Gorger Parents Fight Back

Traci's critical gorger mum threatens to ruin her gypsy wedding to David. Lee Ann and her gorger husband Joe clash over their daughter's coming out party.

Episode 7

Reverse The Gypsy Curse

Brittany plans a gypsy funeral for her late dad and hopes to reverse a bad curse. Maryann will only let her daughter marry Kenny if he disowns his family.

Episode 8

Sisters Don't Marry Each Other's Ex-Husbands

Karen is ready for her gypsy wedding. But she's marrying her sister's ex-husband and her sister refuses to let the big day happen.

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