About The Show

On a blood-stained frontier where corruption is king, an unlikely hero becomes a crusader for justice… and revenge.


Episode 1

Butch Cassidy - The Perfect Criminal

Bank-robbing outlaw Butch Cassidy and his pal Sundance masterminded one of the most remarkable crime sprees in American history.

Episode 2

Seth Bullock - Sheriff of Deadwood

In a mining camp that swirled with violence and vice, Seth Bullock was the only stabilising force standing in the way of utter chaos.

Episode 3

Bat Masterson - Defender of Dodge

Bat Masterson, a well-dressed gunfighter, gambler and hunter, earned his fame by taming Dodge City - the wildest town in the Old West.

Episode 4

Bass Reeves - The Real Lone Ranger

Bass was no ordinary lawman. A slave set free by the Civil War, he hunted outlaws in the most dangerous territory in the nation.

Episode 5

Bill Doolin & The Oklahombres

Bill Doolin terrorized Oklahoma with his brazen robberies. Like many outlaws before him, he died with his boots on, deifying the law until the end.

Episode 6

Deacon Jim Miller - The Pious Assassin

Jim Miller was born to kill. His neighbours saw a devout family man but the last thing his victims saw was a shotgun aimed at their heads.

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