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About The Show

On a blood-stained frontier where corruption is king, an unlikely hero becomes a crusader for justice… and revenge.


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Episode 1

Jesse James - The South's Last Rebel

From the ashes of the Confederacy rises a rebel outlaw determined to get rich... and get even. James is seen by many as a modern-day Robin Hood.

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Episode 2

Billy the Kid - The Phantom of Lincoln County

On a blood-stained frontier where corruption is king, an unlikely hero becomes a crusader for justice... and revenge.

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Episode 3

The Tombstone Vendetta

When one of the frontier's bravest men discovers the limits of the law in Tombstone, he exacts his own brand of justice on the cowboys who shot his brothers.

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Episode 4

Wild Bill - Marksman and Marked Man

When the most famous man in the West outlives his legend, he becomes the target of gunslingers eager to gain fame by shooting him dead.

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Episode 5

Tom Horn - Grim Reaper of the Rockies

As the Wild West becomes settled, hit man Tom Horn kills for men who want to preserve the old order where violence rules all.

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Episode 6

John Wesley Hardin - The Dark Heart of Texas

In the aftermath of the Civil War, a gunman wages a bloody crusade against anyone who stands between himself and his notions of freedom.