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Named after a 1940s engineering team the Goblin Works Garage is nestled in the English countryside. Eccentric engineer Jimmy deVille will build extraordinary bespoke vehicles.


Episode 1


Jimmy deVille picks up an original - and rusty - Mini Clubman, so the team set to rebuild it with a race-tuned engine! And, Ant heads to Sweden to sell...

Episode 2


Helen brings in a classic 80s BMW E30 and plans one of the garage's most incredible builds yet: augmenting it with a wide-arch body-kit for a menacing post-apocalyptic vibe.

Episode 3


Jimmy brings a turbo-charged Porsche 944 into the workshop. They begin by shredding the kilos so it can be racetrack ready. Plus, a lucrative commission comes in.

Episode 4


Jimmy brings in a classic '65 racing Ford Mustang. Ant blew its engine and the owner wasn't happy - now, they have to work together to turn it into a...

Episode 5


Helen brings in a knackered Volvo 245 estate to the workshop. She convinces Jimmy and Ant that this car has plenty of potential, they just need to get to Sweden...

Episode 6


Jimmy decides it's time for the team to crack America. But, in true Goblin fashion, they only have 10 days to strip, supercharge and upgrade the classic VW Campervan.

Episode 7

Vauxhall Viva

Jimmy brings a banged up Vauxhall Viva back to the workshop. He believes this unpopular family car from the 1970s can be transformed into something stylish.

Episode 8

EV Fiat 500

The team take on their first ever EV build as they attempt to mount a Tesla battery powered electric powerplant inside a classic: the 'Cinquecento,' or Fiat 500.

Episode 9


The gang transform an iconic 1973 Ford Bronco into a monster truck with attitude. Plus, Ant builds a bike for his most important client: his daughter!

Episode 10


The team take on a Japanese sports car legend - the Toyota Supra. But, these cars have been modified countless times, how can they make theirs stand out?

Episode 11


The Goblin Works team take on one of Europe's fastest growing car markets. They are in Albania to convert a vintage saloon into an off-road beast - will it go...

Episode 12


Jimmy, Ant and Helen reimagine a modern Beetle with a '50s American Roadster look. And, Ant transforms a classic Royal Enfield motorcycle into a race bike.

Episode 13

Episode 13

The gang hits the UK's biggest car show in Birmingham to showcase six of their favourite builds to the public. And, they look back on the last 12 months at...

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