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About The Show

Richard Rawlings is a man on a motoring mission. In his quest to help other business owners find success, he’s travelling the US in search of struggling automotive and motorcycle shops that are desperate for cash and on the brink of failure.

In sunny Huntington Beach, California, Richard and his rehab team check out a failing hot rod shop which, despite its location in a wealthy area, is run-down, disorganised and lacking in tools. And, Richard manages to mix business and pleasure as he rescues a once-legendary 4×4 shop in Arizona – where it’s also Barrett Jackson week.

With just a week to overhaul each shop, will Richard and his team be able to save a struggling garage from closing its doors forever?


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Episode 1

Grapevine Automotive

Richard Rawlings and Chris Stephens invest in failing garage, Grapevine Automotive, just outside Dallas - but they have less than a week to overhaul the shop.

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Episode 1

Garage Rehab

Richard, Russell and Chris hit the road and surprise the rehabbed garage owners to see how they're doing. Are they succeeding or are they back in their old ways?

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Episode 2

Scotty's Automotive

Richard Rawlings invests in a struggling garage, Scotty's Automotive, in Texas. The owner must break his hoarding ways for Richard to make his money back.

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Episode 3

Westside Hotrods

Richard Rawlings and Russell Holmes are off to see Westside Hotrod shop in Los Angeles. They have less than a week to tame the wildcard Hotrod Shop owner.

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Episode 4

Blue Ribbon Automotive

Richard Rawlings is off to scope out Blue Ribbon Automotive. He has 6 days to rehab the shop and help the owner come up with new ways to make money.

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Episode 5

Elite Powersports

After being turned down by an ATV shop in Louisiana, Richard Rawlings heads to Oklahoma, where he meets a genius tuner that co-owns a shop.

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Episode 6

Offset Kustoms

Richard Rawlings heads off to help a struggling 4x4 shop in New Caney, TX. Can he renovate the garage and create a successful off-road one-stop-shop in just a week?

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Episode 7

Abel Racing

Richard Rawlings and his crew have less than a week to turn around 8,000 square feet speed shop, Abel Racing in Oklahoma City. But is this an impossible feat?

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Episode 8

Slop Shop

Richard helps an up-and-coming motorcycle shop in Jackson. The crew must overhaul the entire place and make it the go-to garage for custom old-school choppers.

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Episode 9

Fast Lane Auto Repair

Richard helps a fellow hot rod enthusiast in Nashville. With less than a week to transform the shop, the crew have their work cut out for them in Music City.

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Episode 11

Zurba Industries

Richard Rawlings and his team take on a struggling custom hot rod shop in the wealthy Huntington Beach. Can they turn it around in less than a week?

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Episode 12

Fly N' Hi

Richard and his crew head out to Phoenix to help Fly N' High, a once-legendary 4x4 shop keep its doors open. But is there still potential in the 38-year-old brand?

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Episode 13

Coastal Cruizers

Richard sees potential in the golf cart industry and is willing to try to turn the shop around. But when his plans are put on halt, Richard has second thoughts.

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Episode 14

American Garage

Richard and his team take on their most meaningful project to date by rehabbing a struggling non-profit garage that trains veterans for careers in auto repair.

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Episode 15

Keys Customs

Richard gives $100,000 of his time, money and contacts to help rebuild Keys Customs in Key West, Florida, which was devastated by Hurricane Irma.

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Episode 16

Low Life Industries

Richard is in Tampa, Florida, to help Mark Dicks's struggling bike shop from drowning in sea of junk and broken equipment. Can he and the guys revive Low Life?

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Episode 17

Warrior Garage

Richard has just seven days to finish the renovation of the non-profit garage that trains veterans. To get the job done in time, he flies in a friend to help...

Coming Soon

Episode 18

Northrich Collision

Richard commits to the biggest build yet with a 20,000 square-foot garage. Problems arise as Russell and Chris find themselves in the middle of a family feud.

Coming Soon

Episode 19

Quick Stop Auto Repair

Richard and his team set out to rehab not just the filthiest, most outdated shop they've ever seen, but an owner who's lost pride in his business and himself.

Coming Soon

Episode 20

Jacob's Automotive

Richard and his team head to a town called Sturgis in South Dakota, to rescue a family-run combination garage, convenience store and service station.

Coming Soon

Episode 21

Richard Revisits

Richard Rawlings and his crew look back at the failing garages they helped to find out if they're finally succeeding - or if they fell back to their old ways.