Episode 1

We're In The Hotel Business!

Chip and Joanna Gaines have big dreams for transforming a historic building into a boutique hotel. But the first step is designing guest rooms.

Episode 2

New Vs. Old

Chip and Joanna Gaines face challenges with the building's historical structure, forcing them to rethink design elements and add an elevator.

Episode 3

Creating Unique Spaces

Chip and Jo focus on the public spaces with design elements in the restaurant, lobby, library and group suite that will invite and delight guests.

Episode 4

A New Phase For The Hotel

Completed wallpaper and tile hint at the hotel's future grandeur as the project nears completion. Chip and Jo meet with the new general manager.

Episode 5

Styling And Prep For Opening

With construction finished, Jo and her team attempt to style the entire hotel. But an unexpected elevator issue threatens to delay their progress.

Episode 6

Checking In To Hotel 1928

Before opening to the public, Chip, Jo, and Ben walk through the newly refurbished Hotel 1928 and reveal how they pulled off their biggest project to date.

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