About The Show

Join chef Andrew Zimmern as he takes a culinary tour through Morocco where he finds everything from lamb’s head to pigeon pie on the menu.


Episode 2


Host Andrew Zimmern visits Madrid, where he eats at one of the world's oldest restaurants and Barcelona where he eats at El Bulli (voted the best restaurant in the world).

Episode 5

New York City

Andrew Zimmern visits the places that started him on his bizarre foods quest and tastes items including tongue sandwich, maggots, tarantulas and cockroaches.

Episode 6

United Kingdom

In Scotland, Andrew Zimmern visits a butcher's, goes hunting, and eats at a posh restaurant. In England, he visits London and the Cotswolds. He also goes to Wales.

Episode 9


Host Andrew Zimmern explores the real Mexico beyond the tourist hot spots and tequila shots. Some of the edible treats include a variety of insects and larvae and fungus.