About The Show

Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas buy run-down and abandoned properties in Detroit and transform them into affordable, stylish starter homes for first-time homebuyers.


Episode 1

The Hamptons And Gatsby

Keith and Evan take a risk with quirky ideas for two decrepit houses. They design a beachy, Hamptons-inspired cottage and a moody art deco bungalow.

Episode 2

French Country And Chez Shea

Keith and Evan use European architecture as inspiration to give a new property modern Parisian style and fix up a chic French country cottage.

Episode 3

Zen And Dollhouse

Keith and Evan scramble to keep the budgets under control while renovating an old bungalow into a Japanese zen home and a duplex rental property.

Episode 4

Minimalist, Dollhouse Complete

Keith and Evan work with minimalism in a rundown bungalow while letting loose with pink decor in the Modern Dollhouse.

Episode 5

1950s Surprises

Keith and Evan refine their skills with a modern twist on a 1950s-inspired home and get funky with a big, bold, statement-making design. And Shea has a surprise.

Episode 6

Wild West And Vintage Circus

Keith and Evan load up their Wild West house with rustic wood and cowhide. Plus, a sagging floor brings work on their Vintage Circus home to a halt.

Episode 7

Vintage Circus And Moroccan

While scrambling to fix up the Vintage Circus house, Keith and Evan use warm colours and intricate tile details to create a Moroccan-inspired home.

Episode 8

Goth And Federal

With a goth-inspired bungalow and a historical Federal-style home, Keith and Evan take their biggest risk yet to get these homes back on the block.

Episode 9

Federal And Summer Garden

Keith and Evan work to finish up a beautiful Federal-style house and turn a brick home with an awful smell into a wildflower-filled garden paradise.

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