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While Jon is on the road to pick up an antique telephone, a rapper brings in a motorcycle, modified by Michael Jordans racing team.


Episode 1

Talladega Nights Fire Suit/Hydroplane

The crew auction off a pit crew suit from the movie Talladega Nights, and will they make a profit with a custom-built Hydroplane Speedboat?

Episode 2

Jefferson's Desk/Jeu de course

The crew auction off an antique horse racing game, and a seller claims he has President Thomas Jefferson's desk, but is it for real?

Episode 3

Buckets of Silver/USS Yorktown Locker

The crew at Gallery 63 auction off seaman's locker from the USS Yorktown, and a seller brings in buckets filled with sterling silver.

Episode 4

Star Wars Stormtrooper/Mustang Motorcycle

The crew auction off a rare 1956 Mustang Pony motorcycle and a Star Wars enthusiast retires his Stormtrooper costume.

Episode 5

Drive-In Speakers/Royal Saddle

A seller brings in a saddle he says was commissioned by the King of Morocco and Delfino tries to get classic drive-in movie speakers to work.

Episode 6

U-Boat Telescope/Helen Keller Letter

Rare letters from Helen Keller are auctioned off and a seller believes his World War II telescope is from a German U-boat. But is it real?

Episode 7

M16/Butt-activated Musical Chair

The crew auction off an oversized M16 Training Rifle complete with training comic book and a Victorian-era, butt-activated musical chair.

Episode 8

WW1 Trench Knife/Opium License

The Gallery 63 crew auction off a WW1 British officer's trench knife, an opium tax stamp, and a Swiss Army Condor Motorcycle.

Episode 9

Michael Jordan Motorcycle, Candle Stick Phone

While Jon is on the road to pick up an antique telephone, a rapper brings in a motorcycle, modified by Michael Jordan's racing team.

Episode 10

Pick-Off Special

Paul challenges his crew to the first-ever Gallery 63 'Pick-Off!' Each player has $500 and 1 hour to pick their treasures at an antique market.

Episode 11

Sugar Ray Leonard's Benz, WWII Dive Suit

Sugar Ray Leonard's first Mercedes Benz arrives at Gallery 63 and a rare WWII US Navy Dive Suit is up for grabs.

Episode 12

Evel Knievel Cape, Vintage Phone Booth

A signed Evel Knievel cape jumps on to the auction block. Plus, a vintage phone booth dials the Gallery 63 crew into some old school fun.

Episode 13

Clay Walker Visits Gallery 63

Country music superstar Clay Walker wants to auction off a selection of his personal items to raise money for his organization Band Against MS.

Episode 14

Massage-A-Belt, Oversized Haberdashery

This week at Gallery 63, a turn-of-the-century haberdashery is delivered for auction and a Massage-A-Belt exercise machine shakes up the crew.

Episode 15

MJ's Thriller Award, Hungarian Pannonia Motorcycle

A Pannonia motorcycle hopes to rev up the Gallery 63 crowd. Plus, a Michael Jackson "Thriller" sales award makes it to the block.

Episode 16

Bomb Squad Suit, WWI Binoculars

Paul goes on a pick and comes back with a vintage shoeshine stand and a seller brings in a pair of WWI binoculars.

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