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About The Show

While Jon is on the road to pick up an antique telephone, a rapper brings in a motorcycle, modified by Michael Jordans racing team.


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Episode 1

Talladega Nights Fire Suit/Hydroplane

The crew auction off a pit crew suit from the movie Talladega Nights, and will they make a profit with a custom-built Hydroplane Speedboat?

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Episode 2

Jefferson's Desk/Jeu de course

The crew auction off an antique horse racing game, and a seller claims he has President Thomas Jefferson's desk, but is it for real?

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Episode 3

Buckets of Silver/USS Yorktown Locker

The crew at Gallery 63 auction off seaman's locker from the USS Yorktown, and a seller brings in buckets filled with sterling silver.

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Episode 4

Star Wars Stormtrooper/Mustang Motorcycle

The crew auction off a rare 1956 Mustang Pony motorcycle and a Star Wars enthusiast retires his Stormtrooper costume.

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Episode 5

Drive-In Speakers/Royal Saddle

A seller brings in a saddle he says was commissioned by the King of Morocco and Delfino tries to get classic drive-in movie speakers to work.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

U-Boat Telescope/Helen Keller Letter

Rare letters from Helen Keller are auctioned off and a seller believes his World War II telescope is from a German U-boat. But is it real?

Coming Soon

Episode 7

M16/Butt-activated Musical Chair

The crew auction off an oversized M16 Training Rifle complete with training comic book and a Victorian-era, butt-activated musical chair.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

WW1 Trench Knife/Opium License

The Gallery 63 crew auction off a WW1 British officer's trench knife, an opium tax stamp, and a Swiss Army Condor Motorcycle.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Michael Jordan Motorcycle, Candle Stick Phone

While Jon is on the road to pick up an antique telephone, a rapper brings in a motorcycle, modified by Michael Jordan's racing team.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Pick-Off Special

Paul challenges his crew to the first-ever Gallery 63 'Pick-Off!' Each player has $500 and 1 hour to pick their treasures at an antique market.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Sugar Ray Leonard's Benz, WWII Dive Suit

Sugar Ray Leonard's first Mercedes Benz arrives at Gallery 63 and a rare WWII US Navy Dive Suit is up for grabs.

Coming Soon

Episode 12

Evel Knievel Cape, Vintage Phone Booth

A signed Evel Knievel cape jumps on to the auction block. Plus, a vintage phone booth dials the Gallery 63 crew into some old school fun.

Coming Soon

Episode 13

Clay Walker Visits Gallery 63

Country music superstar Clay Walker wants to auction off a selection of his personal items to raise money for his organization Band Against MS.

Coming Soon

Episode 14

Massage-A-Belt, Oversized Haberdashery

This week at Gallery 63, a turn-of-the-century haberdashery is delivered for auction and a Massage-A-Belt exercise machine shakes up the crew.

Coming Soon

Episode 15

MJ's Thriller Award, Hungarian Pannonia Motorcycle

A Pannonia motorcycle hopes to rev up the Gallery 63 crowd. Plus, a Michael Jackson "Thriller" sales award makes it to the block.

Coming Soon

Episode 16

Bomb Squad Suit, WWI Binoculars

Paul goes on a pick and comes back with a vintage shoeshine stand and a seller brings in a pair of WWI binoculars.