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For every murderer behind bars there was a mistake that gave them away. Investigators and those close to the case discuss the key error that led to an arrest.


Episode 1

Nat Fraser

In Elgin, Scotland, a young mother goes missing in 1998. Investigators fear they will never find out what happened until they discover the killer made a key mistake.

Episode 2

Paul Hutchinson

In Nottinghamshire, 1983, a 16-year-old girl is found raped and murdered. Decades later, advances in forensic technology enable police to find a DNA match.

Episode 3

Willy Inmon

In Arizona, teen Ricky Flores goes missing. Police suspect Ricky's friend Willy, but he denies involvement until police expose a racist conspiracy to commit murder.

Episode 4

Jesse Matthew

In Virginia, 2009, student Morgan Harrington vanished. Her body is found, but no culprit is identified until five years later, when another student goes missing.

Episode 5

Kent McGowen

In Texas, a patrol car policeman is obsessed with being a 'Superman Cop.' But when Susan Harrison spurns his advances, he goes rogue - and she ends up dead.

Episode 6

Stephen Port

In East London, a sexual predator found his victims through an online dating app. The victims' families convince the police they are dealing with a serial killer.

Episode 7

Michael Danaher

In Oxford, a debt-ridden man brutally stabs an antique dealer in a plot to steal a valuable book. A selfie taken by the killer proves a vital piece of evidence.

Episode 8

Tony McCluskie

A young TV actress lived with her drug addicted brother. But when she asks him to leave, he reacts in the most brutal way - with a gruesome plan to...

Episode 9

Anxiang Du

In the East Midlands, a businessman disappears after a commercial failure. When police find the bodies of his colleagues and their family, they have one suspect.

Episode 10

Anthony Sowell

In Cleveland, a former US marine and convicted sex offender lures vulnerable women back to his home. Few make it out alive.

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