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Peter Andre and an army of helpers surprise unsuspecting homeowners with life-changing makeovers. Nominated by friends and family, their houses are transformed into dream homes.


Episode 1

Sam Morris

Peter and the team go to Greater Manchester to help Sam Morris, a cancer survivor who assists women in need. Can the crew recreate her living room and bedroom in...

Episode 2

Kay Brown-Sarr

In South Wales, Peter and the team, battle the weather to transform the home of foster mum, Kay Brown-Sarr. Designer Linda opts for an eye-popping colour scheme.

Episode 3

Andy Smith

Peter and the team are in Kent for Army Sargent Andy Smith, who works with youngsters in his community. Can designer, Anna, create a stylish but masculine haven for Andy?

Episode 4

Debbie Holloway

Peter and the crew are in West London for Debbie Holloway, whose home needs radical work to accommodate a wheelchair. Can Linda make a stylish and functional space?

Episode 5

Val Lyons

Peter and the team go to East Sussex to overhaul the home of Val Liles, who is living with MS. Anna has plans for a total bungalow makeover with an...

Episode 6

Barry Toon

Pete and the team are in Staffordshire for charity fundraiser Barry Toon. With help from designer Linda, Pete creates a retreat for Barry and his sons.

Episode 7

Angela Wild

Peter and the team head to Stalybridge to surprise award-winning charity fundraiser Angela Wild. John Amabile gives her tired living room a much-needed facelift.

Episode 8

Tracey & Tim Sandy

Pete and the gang are in Sittingbourne to help cancer charity fundraisers, Tim and Tracey Sandy. Anna Ryder Richardson transforms their living-dining room.

Episode 9

Joanne Clarke

Peter takes the team to the North West to transform the home of widow, Joanne Clark. John Amabile aims for a luxury living room and a boutique hotel-style bedroom.

Episode 10

Sophie Edwards

Pete heads to Hertfordshire to the home of dance teacher and mum, Sophie Edwards. Will designer Ben Hillman's multi-coloured felt wall be a welcome surprise?

Episode 11

Steve Barron

Pete and the team go to Surrey to transform the home of former police officer Steve Barron. Ben Hillman envisions a New York-style man cave in the garden!

Episode 12

Sereta Thomson

Pete and the team are in West London to makeover the home of airport worker Sereta Thomson. Anna Ryder Richardson creates a quirky bedroom and shower room.

Episode 13

Jayne Gibbins

Pete and the gang are in East Sussex today to surprise expectant mum, Jayne Gibbins. Can Linda Barker create a cosy family nest with wood panelling in just one day?

Episode 14

Angie Franco

Pete and the team makeover Angie Franco's home, which is currently a building site. Designer Ben Hillman plans to restore the living room to its original purpose.

Episode 15

Caroline Hills

Pete and the crew are in Hampshire to rescue Caroline Hills' cluttered home. Linda Barker is tasked with streamlining and modernising the living room and bedroom.

Episode 16

Laura Flaherty

Pete and the team are in Leigh to refresh Laura Flaherty's home. Luxury-loving designer John Amabile envisions Scandi shabby chic and bright Oriental opulence.

Episode 17

Claire Brown

Pete and the squad are in the Midlands for one of their toughest design challenges. Can Linda Barker rethink Claire Brown's entire ground floor with style and comfort?

Episode 18

Andrea & Paul Elliott

Pete and the team are in Salford to refurb a house's top floor. Luxury designer John Amabile plans to refresh three bedrooms in this rugby-mad household.

Episode 19

Nicki Price

Pete and his team are in Kent to surprise Nicki Price for a huge challenge. Anna Ryder Richardson oversees a new wheelchair-friendly kitchen and revamped bedroom.

Episode 20

Christine Rogers

Pete and the gang are in West Sussex to revamp Christine Rogers' home, which hasn't been updated for over 20 years. Designer Linda Barker has a big task ahead.

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