About The Show

Four best friends battle morbid obesity using hard work and a wicked sense of humour. They share the secrets of their crazy yo-yo diet sisterhood.


Episode 1

We're Back (The Weight Is Over)

Vannessa reveals her post-surgery body while Meghan struggles with a stalled diet. Tina's house floods, forcing eight people to share a hotel room.

Episode 2

The Weigh-In Is The Hardest Part

Meghan thinks she's ready to confront Dr. Procter - but a meltdown in his office says otherwise. Ashely uncovers some insight at a therapy session.

Episode 3

Carry On Weighward Son

Meghan makes progress when she opens up to Dr. Procter. Living in a hotel pushes Tina to her breaking point, and Vannessa catches her sister enabling Jacob.

Episode 4

Take The Long Weigh Home

Ashely is anxious about her appointment. Plus, Vannessa tries to get Jacob's weight loss on track and Meghan focuses on getting wedding dress ready!

Episode 5

Simple Twist Of Weight

Meghan has a tough time finding a wedding dress. Meanwhile, the girls are pushed to their limit by the workouts at a wellness retreat.

Episode 6

Weight Women Can't Jump

At the Fit Farm, Ashely learns to push herself past her comfort zone. Vannessa realises she's capable of more than she thought, and Tina finally snaps.

Episode 7

Right Here Weighting For You

Ashely and Tina meet with Dr. Procter about surgery. Meghan moves ahead with wedding planning and Vannessa lets off steam on a mechanical bull!

Episode 8

Hurry Up And Weight

The girls take on a monumental challenge: a 5K race with Dr. Procter. A potential confrontation threatens to ruin Meghan's bachelorette party.

Episode 9

Weigh, Lady, Weigh

An unexpected hotel guest interrupts Meghan's bachelorette weekend. Ashely's second procedure terrifies her and Tina's doubts throw her into a tailspin.

Episode 10

Line Between Love And Weight

It's Meghan and Jon's wedding day, but someone gets cold feet. Tina and Ashely are getting bariatric surgery, but will Tina back out?

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