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MythBusters Jamie and Adam (DCL)
Hold onto your hats the Mythbusters boys are back with another explosive series. This time they’re looking at pop-culture favorites using every tool at their disposal to dispel myths from The Simpsons, The A-Team, Indiana Jones & Transformers amongst others.

Adam and Jamie love Indiana Jones – first up they tackle the famous opening scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple Run, then it's all things whip. First up Adam makes his own two belly bullwhip exactly like Dr Jones', and then they get to testing. Can you really disarm a gun-toting adversary with one crack, and can you really use a whip to swing your way to safety across a deadly chasm? The boys will reveal all.

Adam and Jamie also give the Mythbusters treatment to the A-Team testing out whether it’s really possible to build a working cannon out of stuff in an abandoned barn. Or can a sewer explosion really take out the bad guys without serious injuries?

All will be revealed in the new series!

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