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Episode 6

Diabolical: Deadly Love - Season 3

An air force veteran disappears along with his savings of $206,000. Detectives discover a woman has been draining his accounts, then uncover a conspiracy of greed and murder.


The Vulnerable

Deadly Women - Season 9

A secret addiction drives a young woman to sacrifice her wheelchair bound employer, and a scheming caregiver betrays the man who trusts her.


Seeing Red

Murder Calls - Season 1

A bizarre series of emergency calls to police in two cities and a serial killer confesses his crimes. They eventually join the dots, but not before he kills again.


Witness to Terror

Forensic Detectives - Season 1

Looks at how a 'black box' is often the only means of telling how an aeroplane crashed but sometimes generates more questions than answers.


Walk Into Darkness

Disappeared - Season 7

Tammy disappears after leaving work. Her family finds a note saying she's gone for a walk, but searches yield no signs. What happened to Tammy?


Not So Pot-Bellied Pigs

Animal Cops Phoenix - Season 10

Field Operations Manager Racelle Carlson leads a team that's trying to rescue more than a dozen pigs that have been neglected, leaving them emaciated.


Happy Endings

Animal Cops Phoenix - Season 10

EAMT AJ Meadows has a fight on her hands trying to save seven dogs locked in a hot car, with no food or water. Can AJ save them before it's...


Grave Discoveries

Forensic Detectives - Season 3

Forensic scientists re-evaluate unsolved crimes and apply new methods to solving them.


Texas Rangers

Forensic Detectives - Season 3

Examines the history and modern evolution of the Texas Rangers, who were formed in the 1830s to protect settlers against attacks from natives.


Blood Brotherhood

True Crime with Aphrodite Jones - Season 6

Two frat brothers are inseparable, but after college their friendship ends in murder. The investigation reveals a botched robbery, arson and an unusual love affair.


Southern Helle

Blood Relatives - Season 3

For Starkville couple Joey and Kristi Fulgham, friends and family are one and the same. But small town hospitality leads to dangerous liaisons and murder.


In The Neighborhood

Hometown Homicide - Season 1

In 2017, local high school teacher Theresa Lockhart went missing. When police found her abandoned car, they began to unravel a strange and deadly story.


Local Gone Girl

Hometown Homicide - Season 1

When excellent student Danielle Locklear disappeared, police considered her a runaway. But, her family decide to investigate themselves and the truth shocks them.


We're Watching You

Hometown Homicide - Season 1

One evening in 2010, 40-year-old Rachael Anderson called a friend regarding a home improvement project. Then, she vanished and eight years later is still missing.


This Just In

Hometown Homicide - Season 1

College student Jessica O'Grady vanishes late one night. When another woman disappears without a trace, locals wonder if a serial killer is on the loose.


Hunting Season

Hometown Homicide - Season 2

In December 2009, Theresa Still is reported missing by her daughter. With the news of the missing woman, the small town of Altoona, Wisconsin mobilises.


Route 29

Hometown Homicide - Season 2

After texting a friend to say she is lost, university student Hannah Graham doesn't return home. Worried and confused, Hannah's friends report her missing.



Hold The Line

Hometown Homicide - Season 2

A passer-by calls in a car fire off a road in Courtland, Mississippi. When first responders arrive, they find 19-year-old Jessica Chambers engulfed in flames.


Have You Seen Me

Hometown Homicide - Season 2

A local fisherman in Georgia finds a body with a gun in its hand. Investigators quickly learn that two young people have been murdered, execution style.


Masking Evil

Diabolical: Deadly Love - Season 3

A burning car is found by the side of a highway on the same night a single mother of two is reported missing. The two events lead investigators to a...


Butcher On Mincey Road

Shattered - Season 2

A woman's marriage takes a violent turn and her daughter seeks refuge at a neighbour's home. But the place she considers safe is not at all what it seems.


The Body In The Cornfield

Betrayed - Season 4

When the body of a maternity nurse is found in an Indiana cornfield, investigators soon find themselves circling the victim's two ex-husbands and daughter.


Texts, Lies, And Videotape

Obsession: Dark Desires - Season 4

Katie Call's life spirals into a nightmare as her ex, Todd, refuses to accept the end of their relationship. He secretly bugs her home and seeks revenge.