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Mommy Dearest

Evil, I - Season 1

Marie is living under a fake identity in New Hampshire after the death of her husband and attempted murder of her daughter. Can cops find her before she kills again?


Fatal Fuse

Blood Relatives - Season 6

A homeowner is found dead on their driveway, riddled with bullets. A family-member claims to be a witness, but the chain of events raises more questions than it answers.


My Brother's Keeper

Blood Relatives - Season 1

A distinguished family is destroyed when Philip, his wife, and his favoured son Cary are shot. Linda will survive, but can she identify their attacker?


Our Secret Identity

Evil Lives Here - Season 4

Pam Jacobs reveals the dark truth about her father. Growing up, she never realised he was a fugitive suspected of the murders of various coin shop owners.


Scent Of A Killer

Forensic Detectives - Season 5

Discover how a killer can try to cover his tracks, but evidence is hard to conceal when a special breed of investigative dog picks up the scent.


Into the Woods

Disappeared - Season 3

Free spirit Jeremy is convinced that 'bad men' are out to get him. Is he suffering paranoid delusions or has he run into trouble, and where is he now?


Anything For You

American Monster - Season 2

In Albuquerque, Mike Snyder starts a family with his partner, capturing it on home video. But after being diagnosed with a serious illness, he vanishes.


The Farmer's Daughter

Murder In The Heartland - Season 3

A student is found strangled and stabbed in her own home. Family, friends and the town of Valley City, North Dakota, help police identify her killer.`


To Dye For

Reasonable Doubt - Season 4

Kara Garvin is convicted for the brutal murder of a family in their Ohio trailer. But Kara's mother and sister are convinced she has been framed.


Robert Maudsley

The Killer In My Family - Season 2

Relatives of serial killer Robert Maudsley reveal how his shocking crimes impacted the family. Were there any signs of his murderous intentions?


Two's Company, Three Is Murder

Betrayed - Season 3

Linda Singleton's life seemed perfect. But under the veneer she was engaged in a love triangle that turned deadly when her secret affair was exposed.


Our Secret Identity

Evil Lives Here - Season 4

Pam Jacobs reveals the dark truth about her father. Growing up, she never realised he was a fugitive suspected of the murders of various coin shop owners.


Watch Your Back

American Monster - Season 3

US Air Force sergeant Nathan Paet and his family appear to live a blissfully normal life - until a horrific attack leads to their destruction.


Motor City Murder

People Magazine Investigates - Season 4

In 1970s Detroit, a murder rocks an African-American neighbourhood. Police think they've got the killers - but it will take 47 years for the truth to emerge.


In The Name Of The Father

Home Sweet Homicide - Season 1

In 2013, beloved basketball coach Jimmy McClain is found brutally murdered. With no signs of forced entry, police fear that Jimmy knew the killer.


Running for Her Life

Disappeared - Season 4

Rachel Cooke, a 19-year-old student goes out for a jog and vanishes. As the case grown cold, a possible suspect tells a shocking tale of abduction and murder.


The Message in Red

Murder Comes to Town - Season 3

When a beloved couple is gunned down and killed, a cryptic message scrawled across their bedroom wall leads police to suspect the crime may be drug related.



Immaculate Deception

Who on Earth Did I Marry? - Season 1

Ralph and Tammie enjoy life with their family in a quaint street, but when a new couple move in next door they couldn't have imagined what evil awaited them.


Horror at the Homestead

Who on Earth Did I Marry? - Season 1

Before Kimberly could convince her husband, Dwight, to keep an eye on a particular member of his staff at a local resort, the unthinkable would happen.


Beautiful Mess

Murder In The Heartland - Season 3

A bride-to-be is murdered in her future in-laws' home in Colorado. Who would have taken this young woman's life in such a brutal way?



Reasonable Doubt - Season 4

A jury convicts 15-year-old Evaristo Salas for an apparent gang-related hit that leaves one man dead. His sisters believe they can prove Evaristo is innocent.


Hunting A Killer

Murder In The Heartland - Season 5

In rural Missouri, a hunter is found murdered in his car near the popular deer trails. Was this a hunting accident gone wrong, or something more sinister?


The Creek Bottom

Dead Silent - Season 4

In the summer of 1985, an outgoing college student goes missing. Her family, her boyfriend and the police are horrified to learn the depraved truth.


The Craigslist Killer

American Monster - Season 2

Ohio biker Richard Beasley values family, faith and helping others. When he vanishes, police find an online monster has been luring local men to their deaths.