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Burning Love

Obsession: Dark Desires - Season 3

After Yvette and Roger's marriage has broken down, he can't stand to see her with another man and decides she must die -- in front of all her colleagues.


Fatal Family Secrets

People Magazine Investigates - Season 3

A celebratory night turns deadly for the Whitaker family when they are gunned down. When a conspiracy is revealed, it tests one man's ability to forgive.


The Dixieland Murders

The 1980s: The Deadliest Decade - Season 2

In 1987, Judge Vincent Sherry and his wife are found murdered in their home. Their daughter sets out on a decade-long quest to find their killer.


I Hate Being Daddy's Girl

Evil Lives Here - Season 4

When Robin Lindsey escaped her violent mother and moved in with her father she thought she was safe. But, he was hiding a dark and evil secret from her.


Fatal Error

Forensic Detectives - Season 5

Tiny evidence helps bring to justice a murderer who stabbed two young women to death. Plus, the search for the identity of a woman found decapitated.


Dark Voyage

Disappeared - Season 5

Colleen sails into the sunset with her boyfriend Jean Paul on his luxury yacht - and is never heard from again. Has she fallen foul of her shifty lover's quick...


Signed in Blood

Forensic Detectives - Season 1

Explores how handwriting analysts now play an important role in profiling criminals and verifying the authenticity of suicide notes.


Lee Cutler: A Lost Soul

Disappeared - Season 1

Lee disappeared one morning after leaving a friend. Had he gone into the wilds, or maybe joined the Israeli army? Follow the hunt for this troubled teen.


Stranger In Town

FBI Files - Season 2

Following a murder investigation that was turned over to the FBI after police had major problems identifying the body of a young woman.


Everyone's Favorite Uncle

American Monster - Season 6

In 2018, Steve Clayton died in unusual circumstances. His body was found at the bottom of the stairs and the autopsy showed signs of poisoning.


Convicted By A Hair

Reasonable Doubt - Season 2

In 2011, KC Grondin was charged with his girlfriend's murder. KC's parents are convinced he was the victim of a rush to judgement. Chris and Fatima investigate.


Football Fatale

The Perfect Murder - Season 4

Washington Redskins star Sean Taylor is shot dead by an intruder in his Miami home. And when it comes to the rich and famous, it seems like everybody has a...


A Deadly Dream

True Crime with Aphrodite Jones - Season 6

Beloved small town worker Ernest Tolbert is gunned down while working at a laundromat. Town gossip leads police near his home, but new leads emerge over a year later.


Witness to Terror

Forensic Detectives - Season 1

Looks at how a 'black box' is often the only means of telling how an aeroplane crashed but sometimes generates more questions than answers.


Hunting Ground

Never Say Goodbye - Season 1

Successful model, Julie Popovich, has it all. But when an unknown man snatches her from a bar, her life comes to a halt and a tip points to a hunter...


American Nightmare

Murder Chose Me - Season 2

A respected member of the Korean community is murdered in broad daylight in her own shop. With a lack of physical evidence, can Demery catch the killer?


Down For The Count

Betrayed - Season 1

Morris Blankenbaker is a happy family man until he gets thrust into a love triangle with his friend and wife. But hidden rivalries lead to his chilling death.


Family Fatale

Betrayed - Season 1

Ruie Anne Park is the J.R Ewing of Van Buren. She rules the town with wit and flair, until her son's scandalous lifestyle brings her to a bitter, horrific end.



Knock Twice For Murder

Truth About Murder With Sunny Hostin - Season 1

Sunny Hostin travels to the quiet coastal town of Milford, Connecticut to revisit the murder of Kelsey Monahon, a 28-year-old pregnant woman.


Open Door Policy

Murder Comes to Town - Season 4

The brutal murder of Mike Greene, a retired police officer, and wife Terri shatters their small Michigan town. Was it a personal grudge, or a less obvious motive?


The Salon Stalker

Obsession: Dark Desires - Season 4

When Idaho hairdresser Makaela Zabel-Gravatt begins cutting the hair of truck driver Christopher Wirfs, it signals the start of a two-year-long nightmare.


Fall From Grace

In Pursuit With John Walsh - Season 2

John joins the hunt for prominent community members Torin and Rena Smith, who absconded from justice after being accused of shocking crimes.


My Mother's Soldier

People Magazine Investigates - Season 6

In 1987, West Virginia authorities receive a call from a woman claiming to have shot her husband. This seemingly open and shut murder case is anything but.


Murder Beyond The Grave

James Patterson's Murder Is Forever - Season 1

A brutal crime hits the quiet town of Kankakee, Illinois when a kidnapping and random scheme targets one of the town's most well-known citizens.