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Deadly Rival

Couples Who Kill - Season 4

Jenna Nannetti's car is torched in a San Francisco café car park, and two weeks later her decomposing body is found by a local fisherman. But who shot Jenna and...


Memphis Blues

People Magazine Investigates - Season 4

In July of 2010, NBA star Lorenzen Wright goes missing outside of Memphis. When his dead body is discovered in the woods, investigators struggle to find the truth.


Phantom Killer Of The Opera

The 1980s: The Deadliest Decade - Season 2

31-year-old violinist Helen Mintiks is found murdered in an airshaft at the Metropolitan Opera House. Could there be a real life Phantom of the Opera?


On The Run

Evil Lives Here - Season 2

Lindsay always knew that her father had a short temper, but she never expected to be on the run from him when she was only 14 - what would happen...


A Taste of Poison

Forensic Detectives - Season 3

Poisoners: devious killers relying on their victim's trust in order to steal their lives. Find out why they don't usually stop at just one kill.


Girl Interrupted

Disappeared - Season 7

Days after Jennifer Kesse goes missing, her car is found abandoned near her home. A decade later her disappearance remains one of Florida's most baffling crimes.


Double Helix

Forensic Detectives - Season 1

Just a few microscopic cells, from even a single hair or drop of blood, can place a murderer behind bars. What does DNA mean for crime solving today?


Doomed Romance

Disappeared - Season 2

Jeremy is planning for the hunting season when he texts his wife to tell her he is leaving her and their baby. When his car is found torched, she fears...


Held for Ransom

FBI Files - Season 4

The dramatic case of millionaire's daughter, Amy McNeil. Held hostage as her father delivers the ransom, a fatal FBI shootout ensues.


Episode 5

Britain's Toughest Cops - Season 1

The Op Support targets a drug dealing raver, police move in when rival football supporters kick off, and Operation Larkwood smashes a multimillion pound car crime gang.


Stages Of Grief

American Monster - Season 3

In California, an intruder brutally attacks and kills Joan Dawley. Secret home movies uncover a shocking tale of deceit, and a monster lurking behind the scenes.


A Dark Place To Die

Swamp Murders - Season 4

Kimra Riley heads to a bar looking for fun. Two months later, her body is found on the banks of the Tennessee River. Can police bring justice to her family?


Signed, Sealed & Delivered

Forensic Files - Season 10

Police suspect an act of revenge when a bomb explodes in the family home of a witness who testified against two men convicted of shooting a passenger.


Cop Out

Forensic Files - Season 10

A college student is found dead, and the evidence suggests he knew his killer. Can three hairs and some microscopic cells help police to find the motive for murder?


Tangled Web of Clues

Forensic Detectives - Season 1

Looks at how the type of insects and their stage of development on a dead body can pinpoint the time of death and even identify the victim.


The Darkest Hour

The Object Of Murder - Season 1

In 2012, Michelle Mockbee's beaten body was found at work. She was wearing her sapphire ring, so robbery was ruled out. The case stalled until a video blew it open.


Deadly Business

The Killer Beside Me - Season 2

Robert Henry, an executive in Tacoma, is murdered in 1995 by a masked gunman. His wife tells police she thinks he was killed by a former business associate.


Suited For Murder

Betrayed - Season 3

Twice-divorced mother of two Kathy Goble was finally making herself a priority. But, her new lifestyle choices lead to a brutal and deadly betrayal.


Death By Design

Betrayed - Season 2

27-year old Laura Ackerson hopes to make a fresh start in a new city. But just as life is working out the way she'd hoped, she suddenly goes missing.



What Happens in Vegas...

True Crime with Aphrodite Jones - Season 5

When Robert Bessey is shot in the neck as he drives to work outside of Las Vegas, he beats the odds by surviving. Police then get to work to solve...



People Magazine Investigates - Season 4

Entrepreneur Chris Smith moved to Southern California with dreams of sand and success. After making a fortune, he decides to travel the world, but he never returns home.


Campaign Trail of Fears

Obsession: Dark Desires - Season 3

A politician and his wife are stalked by their private pilot. He wants to claim the woman for himself and is willing to use his plane as a deadly weapon.


Root Of All Evil

Your Worst Nightmare - Season 6

Sheila Dates and her daughter love spending time together. But one morning, their lives are changed forever when two unexpected guests appear at their doorstep.


Mother Of All Murders

James Patterson's Murder Is Forever - Season 1

Dee Dee Blanchard and her chronically sick child, Gypsy are both adored by their town. So when a vicious crime strikes the pair, the community is left reeling.



Britain's Deadly Women - Season 3

Investigates the motives and modus operandi of female murderers. While men are often driven by anger, women usually have more complex reasons to kill.