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Tainted Love

Pandora's Box: Unleashing Evil - Season 1

In the fall of 1994, an elementary school principal is found tied to a tree outside Oklahoma City, exposing a decades-long reign of terror and abuse.


Little Girl Lost

Nightmare Next Door - Season 2

When nine-year-old Cyndi is abducted and murdered in small town Lakewood, the neighbourhood kids think they can help detectives catch her killer - but how?


Double Murder Inferno

Nightmare Next Door - Season 2

In a sleepy Seattle suburb a murderer is setting fire to his crime scenes. Can detectives stop him striking again or will this canny killer evade justice?


The Cop And The Killer

Evil Lives Here - Season 3

When Walt Chavis joined the police force he was prepared for danger. But he never imagined the greatest threat he would face would be his own brother.


Witness to Terror

Forensic Detectives - Season 1

Looks at how a 'black box' is often the only means of telling how an aeroplane crashed but sometimes generates more questions than answers.


Murky Waters

Disappeared - Season 3

Sixteen-year-old lifeguard Molly Bish goes missing from her work at the local pond. Has she been snatched by a predator, and where is she now?


House of Horrors

Animal Cops Philadelphia - Season 12

Officers from the Pennsylvania SPCA respond to a call concerning abandoned animals. But nothing can prepare them for what they discover inside a kitchen fridge.



Animal Cops Philadelphia - Season 12

When Philadelphia police uncover a massive dog-fighting operation, the Pennsylvania SPCA is called in to investigate, leading to a grisly exhumation in a front yard.


Wired For Disaster

Forensic Files - Season 10

Forensic officers assist their police counterparts to recreate a bomb, which led to the death of a woman, to see if they can catch her killer.


Wood-Be Killer

Forensic Files - Season 10

Forensic officers use a brand-new technique to catch a killer who attempted to conceal his tracks by incinerating the evidence.


Tagging A Suspect

Forensic Files - Season 10

The explosion of a pickup truck, which killed the driver and injured a passenger is investigated. But how did forensics help cops catch the person responsible?


Signed, Sealed & Delivered

Forensic Files - Season 10

Police suspect an act of revenge when a bomb explodes in the family home of a witness who testified against two men convicted of shooting a passenger.


Knock Twice For Murder

Truth About Murder With Sunny Hostin - Season 1

Sunny Hostin travels to the quiet coastal town of Milford, Connecticut to revisit the murder of Kelsey Monahon, a 28-year-old pregnant woman.


He Said, She's Dead!

Blood Relatives - Season 3

With a Coral Gables mansion and membership to a yacht club, life's a beach for accountants Ed and Maggie, but suspicion and infidelity threatens family bonds.


Smoke And Mirrors

The Lies That Bind - Season 1

When a fire burned down a parsonage behind a church, Paula Allen lost her life. Upon investigation, a fire marshal discovers that this fire was no accident.


Letters In The Closet

The Lies That Bind - Season 1

In 2014, Karla Villagra Garzon went to get medicine for her daughter but never returned. The next day, her husband reported her missing - what happened to her?


Warning Signs

The Lies That Bind - Season 1

In 2006, Angela Ferguson tells police her husband left during an argument and hasn't been seen since. When his body is found in a car boot, it becomes a murder...


Before Vegas

The Lies That Bind - Season 1

In 2000, Casey and her boyfriend T.J. disappeared, never to be seen alive again. Detectives turn to the friends they were with the night they vanished for answers.


She Was Gone

The Lies That Bind - Season 1

Lisa Moore disappeared three months after a seemingly amicable divorce. But, when her family find her truck abandoned in a carpark, they believe she has been murdered.


Wheeling And Dealing

The Lies That Bind - Season 1

In 1996, the owner of a successful business takes a trip to meet a mystery woman. But, when he goes missing, police believe something sinister has happened.



Smoke And Mirrors

The Lies That Bind - Season 1

When a fire burned down a parsonage behind a church, Paula Allen lost her life. Upon investigation, a fire marshal discovers that this fire was no accident.


Cult Of Personality

The Lies That Bind - Season 1

In 2014, gunshots are reported in the Rodgers home. Doctors and detectives piece together the events that led up to what looks like an attempted murder-suicide.


Flight Risk

People Magazine Investigates - Season 5

In the mountains of Colorado a young pilot goes missing without a trace, leaving behind her baby. Police unravel a story far more horrifying than they imagined.


Little Shop Of Horrors

Betrayed - Season 4

Aspiring architect Claudette Ficik charms everyone she meets with her warm personality, but one cold February day she disappears in broad daylight.


The Girl in the Lockbox

Where Murder Lies - Season 2

When Lori Ruff is found dead, her family and friends are left reeling. Worse, the investigation reveals she was lying to them for years about her identity.


Making A Killing

Deadly Women - Season 14

To collect on her husband's life insurance policy, Michele Williams staged a lethal home invasion. And, two women enter murderous conspiracies with their lovers.