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Touch Me And Die

The Coroner: I Speak For The Dead - Season 2

Bob Curley dies soon after being rushed to the E.R. with bizarre symptoms. Was his exposure to a lethal poison accidental - or murder? Coroner Hetrick investigates.


Such a Pretty Face

A Crime to Remember - Season 3

Easter Sunday turns deadly when a model and two others are found murdered. Religion, art, and madness come together in this twisted tale of love and obsession.


The Honeytrap

Evil Online - Season 3

Eddie Leal, an aspiring young boxer, leaves in the middle of the night to meet an attractive girl he met online. The next day, he is found dead in his...


Poker Faced Killer

Killing Time - Season 1

Thomas Clayton comes home from a poker game to find his wife Kelley murdered. But, when his daughter describes the attacker, he becomes a suspect.


Lasting Impressions

Forensic Detectives - Season 3

No matter how clean a crime scene appears to be, the culprit often leaves something behind. Even a fingerprint or shoe tread can lead to a conviction.


Soul Searcher

Disappeared - Season 3

After the death of her parents, undergrad student Leah drops out of college and hits the road, leaving a cryptic note for her friends and siblings. Where is she now?


Stray Bullets

Animal Cops Detroit - Season 1

On the east side of the city, Investigator Shawn Hairston and Field Agent Mike Dowe are called out to deal with a stray dog that's been shot and very seriously...


Task Force Action

Animal Cops Detroit - Season 1

Investigators identify a location used for illegal dog fighting, and the search turns out to be the start of a long and important investigation.


Mystery on Lake Seminole

Disappeared - Season 4

Mike Williams goes duck hunting on a lake and disappears. Some say alligators ate him but when police investigate, they uncover evidence of foul play.


Global Pursuit

FBI Files - Season 4

The case of a vicious killer who used an AK-47 on cars entering CIA HQ, caught only after a five-year manhunt and a two-million-dollar reward.


From Starry-Eyed To Star Witness

Who The Hell Did I Marry? - Season 2

When Amber met Scott Peterson, she thought she found her soul mate. But she ended up a star witness in one of the US's most horrific criminal cases.


The Ho Hum Bandit

Who The Hell Did I Marry? - Season 2

Julia Lundstrom was happy being single until she met Adam Lynch. But as the relationship crumbled, she discovered he was one of the FBI's most wanted criminals.


Secrets of a Country Store

Murder Comes to Town - Season 2

When local bootlegger Billy Triplett and his wife turn up dead, locals suspect it must have had something to do with his illegal side-business.


Vanishing Act

The Perfect Murder - Season 2

An oil executive goes missing in front of his New Jersey home. Police fear a medical emergency until a ransom note arrives from an eco-terrorist organization.


Lasting Impressions

Forensic Detectives - Season 3

No matter how clean a crime scene appears to be, the culprit often leaves something behind. Even a fingerprint or shoe tread can lead to a conviction.


Dead Wrong

Forensic Detectives - Season 3

Hiding a body can be tricky - it's sometimes easier to obscure the circumstances of death, turning murder into suicide or blaming it on someone else.


Blood & Oil

Pandora's Box: Unleashing Evil - Season 2

In 2012, a missing person case in North Dakota alerts investigators. They reveal a scheme involving stolen fracking profits, a ruthless conman and his murderous partner.


The Lady In The Woods

Who Killed Jane Doe? - Season 1

A family worries when a godmother never arrives for a baptism. Meanwhile a jogger discovers a woman's body off a remote road in Pennsylvania.


I Hate Being Daddy's Girl

Evil Lives Here - Season 4

When Robin Lindsey escaped her violent mother and moved in with her father she thought she was safe. But, he was hiding a dark and evil secret from her.


He Was A Good Man To Me

Evil Lives Here - Season 4

When Alvin "Bud" Brown was arrested he said he was like Hannibal Lecter. But, to his wife Jackie he was perfect, until she learned the truth at Thanksgiving.



Price of Murder

Forensic Detectives - Season 8

A security guard finds an employee dead in the driver's seat of his car. Police suspect that someone was illegally hunting and shot the victim.


Broken Trust

Forensic Detectives - Season 8

When several patients in a small ICU facility die, investigators turn to forensics to solve the mystery.


The Craigslist Killer

American Monster - Season 2

Ohio biker Richard Beasley values family, faith and helping others. When he vanishes, police find an online monster has been luring local men to their deaths.


Internet Casanova

Evil Online - Season 1

Single mum Jenn thinks she's found the man of her dreams on a dating site, but little does she know Ray Holycross is a sociopath who preys on vulnerable women.


When The Gun Went Off

Reasonable Doubt - Season 3

When Kathy Middleton died of a gunshot in her own home, police suspected her husband, Ken, killed her. His family insists he was wrongfully convicted.



The Wonderland Murders - Season 2

Three college students believe it is their duty to rid Portland of its sinners and criminals. The investigation leads to one of the city's biggest ever manhunts.