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We Found Bonnie

Evil Lives Here: Shadows Of Death - Season 4

A family is torn apart when a mother in Florida goes missing. The case stumps detectives, who believe that only the woman's three-year-old son knows the truth.


Children of the Scorn

Blood Relatives - Season 5

One family in a small town in the Pacific Northwest seems to have it all - until a secret video and a stash of guns reveals the face of a...


The Four Horsemen

Blood Relatives - Season 5

A tiny town in Bigfork, Montana, is faced with two different murders. Are the crimes in any way connected? The truth will shock the small community.


The Black Widow

Evil Lives Here - Season 3

When Cindy Taylor's father suddenly died, her world was shattered. Years later, Cindy discovers his death was just one of the deadly secrets her mother was hiding.


Murder For Hire

Forensic Detectives - Season 7

Police arrest two conspirators in a plot to kill a woman, but in a dark twist, they accuse the victim's ex-husband of hiring them to kill his ex-wife.


Little Girl Lost

Disappeared - Season 4

When Alexis reports his ex-girlfriend missing, police tell him her house burned down that morning, and that his son died in the blaze. But where is Joey Lynn?


Blind Trust

Forensic Detectives - Season 8

In New Mexico, police are called when 18-year-old Carly Martinez disappears from a local skating rink after a date with a friend.


The Final Chord

Disappeared - Season 3

Brian Barton is in a successful punk rock band but suddenly quits, breaks up with his fiancée, and disappears. Did he walk away, kill himself or was he murdered?


Trial By Fire

Forensic Files - Season 10

A home erupted in flames on a freezing January night, killing one person and injuring another. But what caused this tragedy to occur?


Left Seeing Red

Who on Earth Did I Marry? - Season 1

Bill's Russian partner Anna is seemingly the perfect girlfriend, glamorous, intelligent and beautiful. But a sudden revelation turns everything on its head.


Murder... To The Letter

Who on Earth Did I Marry? - Season 1

When threatening letters begin arriving, David fears for his mum's safety. And when the threats become real, it leads to a shocking revelation.


Mr & Mrs Fantastic

Murder Comes to Town - Season 1

When elderly couple Charles and Grace Lewis vanish from the family farm along with their pickup truck, their children realise that something is terribly wrong.


Multiple Personalities

Swamp Murders - Season 1

When the body of seemingly clean cut Kathy Bonney is pulled out from Virginia's Great Dismal Swamp, her family discover she hid a secret life from them.


Without Remorse

FBI Files - Season 4

After shooting a cop, Michael Wayne painted his face silver and black and went on a killing rampage, leading the FBI into a deadly stand-off.


Blind Trust

Forensic Detectives - Season 8

In New Mexico, police are called when 18-year-old Carly Martinez disappears from a local skating rink after a date with a friend.



Never Say Goodbye - Season 1

A husband returns home to find his wife viciously murdered just steps away from their baby daughter. The clues point to someone she knows, so everyone is a suspect.


Single Mom Missing

Shadow of Doubt - Season 1

When Michelle Warner vanishes without a trace from her apartment that she shares with her ex, police are left with a hunch that her past has reared its ugly head.


Evil Intentions

Beauty Queen Murders - Season 1

A small town is shaken to its core when the local beauty queen, Jackie Johns, goes missing. But who is to blame when the 20 year old turns up dead...


Someone's Watching You

Beauty Queen Murders - Season 1

Beauty pageant star Nona Dirksmeyer is found viciously murdered. Later, police think they have their blood-stained killer, but looks can be deceiving.



You Know What Time It Is

The Interrogator - Season 1

Detective Fil Waters recounts how a shocking lead caught on video led to him unearthing the killer of Aidee Reyna. Who murdered the mother-of-two?


Hellfire In The Hollow

Murder Comes to Town - Season 5

When a 21-year-old mother doesn't return from night classes and her car is found burned, foul play is suspected. The web of lies that unfolds is shocking.


A Mother And A Maniac

Home Alone - Season 2

When Haley McHam decides to leave her abusive partner and heads to her mother's house, nobody could have predicted the tragic home invasion that would follow.


My Son Is Damaged Goods

Evil Lives Here - Season 6

Jeanne Avsenew and her son Peter were close, but as Peter matured, his obsession with death grew. Then one day Jeanne finds a bullet with her name on it.


Highway Of Horrors

People Magazine Investigates - Season 5

In 1992, a college student disappears after her car breaks down on the highway. Police are stumped when her body is found 500 miles from where she vanished.


Primal Instincts

Your Worst Nightmare - Season 3

Young mother Tennyson faces a violent home intruder who demands money and flees. Police are convinced he won't be back but Tennyson is right to be concerned.