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Roid Rage

The 1990s: The Deadliest Decade - Season 1

When a young couple vanishes from their estate and their Lamborghini appears in the Everglades, officers fear they are victims of a gang of brutal bodybuilders.


The Horror I Don't Remember

Evil Lives Here - Season 2

Sherry never got on with her younger brother, Brian, but she never expected to lose everything. Now, she fears he'll finish what he began 26 years ago.


Where There's Smoke

Nightmare Next Door - Season 3

Maternity nurse Melissa is found dead after a house fire; but detectives soon realise she was brutally murdered before the arson attack - who killed her?


Traces of Guilt

Forensic Detectives - Season 3

Discover how a few milligrams of forensic evidence can be crucial to a crime investigation and prove the innocence or guilt of the accused.


The Soldier's Wife

Disappeared - Season 5

Bethany is pregnant with her lover's baby when she goes missing. Police speak to her cuckolded husband and her new lover; but are they both telling the truth?


Trailer Park Tears

Animal Cops Houston - Season 5

A senior investigator is rushed to the ER during a raid at the home of an elderly cat collector. Plus, the SPCA rescue a wounded Doberman on the side of...


Mission To Save

Animal Cops Houston - Season 5

SPCA investigators seize a horse with a horrific leg injury. Emotions run high as they fight to save the animal and bring the owner to justice.


Spirited Away

Disappeared - Season 8

21-year-old Kortne Stouffer vanishes from her bed one night after rowing with neighbours and friends. Investigators pursue various leads, but she cannot be found.


High-Stakes Homicide

Reasonable Doubt - Season 2

Kim Cain was convicted of murdering a 71-year-old Palm Beach socialite after he was caught stealing her jewellery. Can Chris and Fatima prove Cain's innocence?


Episode 8

Britain's Toughest Cops - Season 1

The firearms team hunt down a dangerous man in Leeds who's brutally attacked two elderly women, plus a cannabis farm worth £150,000 tended by trafficked Vietnamese is uncovered.


Cowboys from Hell

Murder Comes to Town - Season 2

When Diana and Jose are found murdered, three letters scrawled across Algar's living room wall become the central clue in a nationwide manhunt.


The Body In The Swamp

The Perfect Murder - Season 3

Miami businessman Henry Diaz goes missing the night before a family vacation. His business success has earned him many enemies - even within his own family.


Electronic Witness

Forensic Detectives - Season 3

Mobile phones, CCTV and cashpoints can track virtually every human move. We see exactly how this aids murder investigations.


Women Who Kill

Forensic Detectives - Season 3

A chilling look at the work of female killers. They can be as deadly as their male counterparts, but they choose less violent methods.


Fatal Fixation

Married With Secrets - Season 1

When Ignacio Garraus meets Shawna Nelson, there's instant heat despite their marriage to other people. When he tries to end the affair, things take a dark turn.


To Everything, There Is A Season

Killer Unknown - Season 1

Veteran homicide detectives and forensic experts uncover new leads and bring new life to Tulsa County's old and mishandled cases.


Maine Murder Mystery

Someone You Thought You Knew - Season 2

A tiny town in Maine with a population of 80 residents is torn apart when a couple are shot dead in their own home. Who murdered the high school sweethearts?


Nightmare On Oak Hollow Drive

Someone You Thought You Knew - Season 2

When 68-year-old Etta Jean Westbrook is found dead in a quiet suburb in Texas, detectives turn to her loved ones for answers. What happened to her?



Something In The Water

Murder Chose Me - Season 1

The body of a young mother-to-be is dumped in the shallow waters of a fishing pond. There are few clues, until Detective Rod Demery uncovers a fearful secret.


Friendly Fire

Murder Chose Me - Season 1

The abandoned car of missing sailor Nicholas Cox turns up. Inside, Detective Rod Demery uncovers a grisly cache of blood evidence. But where is the body?


Branches Of Evil

Murder In The Heartland - Season 2

Tray Phelps, a beloved father, son and fiancé is found beaten to death in his own driveway. When his killers are revealed, it shocks the small town.


The Wrong Man

American Monster - Season 2

In Pennsylvania, Kevin and Joanne Dowling like to capture their kids' milestones on video. But when a woman in a nearby town is shot dead, Kevin is accused of murder.


The Last Song

Shattered - Season 3

In 2004, a concert is interrupted when a man pulls out a gun, opens fire and takes a hostage. As fans flee, a police officer faces an active shooter without...


Hide And Creep

Highway To Hell - Season 1

In 2007, Dianna Franklin arranged to meet her sister for a night of fun. When her abandoned car was discovered, it led to a series of clues about her ordeal.