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Final Fantasy

Obsession: Dark Desires - Season 3

An introverted student finds a soulmate in the new boy in town. But their romance is jeopardized when she goes to college and he can't contain his jealousy.


JonBenet: The Untold Truth

People Magazine Investigates - Season 1

The 1996 murder of six-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey shocked the world - kidnapping gone wrong or something more sinister?


A Dangerous Man

The 1990s: The Deadliest Decade - Season 3

In July 1996, thousands are at Centennial Park for the Atlanta Olympics when a bomb explodes. The FBI investigates terrorism but end up tracking a serial bomber.


I Hate Being Daddy's Girl

Evil Lives Here - Season 4

When Robin Lindsey escaped her violent mother and moved in with her father she thought she was safe. But, he was hiding a dark and evil secret from her.



Forensic Detectives - Season 5

Investigating America's 1.8 million missing people; some of whom are runaways who find their way home, whilst others simply disappear.


Breaking News

Disappeared - Season 5

When popular news anchor Jodi is reported missing, an investigation indicates that she was attacked on her way to work. But where is she now?


Scent Of A Killer

Forensic Detectives - Season 5

Discover how a killer can try to cover his tracks, but evidence is hard to conceal when a special breed of investigative dog picks up the scent.


The Vanishing Hour

Disappeared - Season 9

When Tyarra Williams vanishes, tips suggest she may have fallen prey to human trafficking. Does someone in the community know more than they're letting on?


Cop Killer

FBI Files - Season 2

When a drugs turf war breaks out in Washington the police are also targeted. Can the FBI stop the gunmen executing officers, and help cops control a city under siege?


Episode 2

Britain's Toughest Cops - Season 1

West Yorkshire's helicopter unit joins the hunt for an armed man, while Kent's search team trawls a bloody crime scene for evidence and drug dealers get an early wake up...


An Open Relationship

American Monster - Season 4

On New Year's Eve, Brent Cotta's popular wife, Cassie, mysteriously vanishes. The discovery of a shallow grave leads to the emergence of a horrific truth.


Whidbey Island Mystery

The Perfect Murder - Season 5

When Russel Douglas is found shot in the head in his car on a deserted road, it sparks a decade long case that leaves many with unanswered questions.


Unlawful Flight

FBI Files - Season 4

Three prisoners attempt to escape justice when their vehicle is carjacked at gunpoint whilst they are being transported to a court hearing.


Murder For Hire

Forensic Detectives - Season 7

Police arrest two conspirators in a plot to kill a woman, but in a dark twist, they accuse the victim's ex-husband of hiring them to kill his ex-wife.


In The Neighborhood

Hometown Homicide - Season 1

In 2017, local high school teacher Theresa Lockhart went missing. When police found her abandoned car, they began to unravel a strange and deadly story.


Almost Home

The Killer Beside Me - Season 2

When Gayle Isleib is shot dead in 1996, police identify a co-worker. Evidence is found of stalking, plans to kidnap her, murder her husband and love poems to Gayle.


No Giving Up

Murder In The Heartland - Season 2

The case of a missing mountain biking pioneer, living off the grid in Colorado, went cold for years. Later, investigators lean on the local rumour mill for new leads.


Ashes To Alibis

Murder In The Heartland - Season 2

In Idaho, a devoted family man, Bo Kirk, vanishes and his truck is found ablaze. Bo's sister suspects their estranged father until ATM security footage is released.



Sex & Death In The OC

True Crime with Aphrodite Jones - Season 3

When millionaire Bill McLaughlin started seeing a new girlfriend, he thought life would get better. But she had other ideas.


Suburban Secrets

People Magazine Investigates - Season 4

When doting mother, Cheryl Coker, vanishes from Riverside, Ohio, search efforts come up empty. Police uncover disturbing information and a web of secrets.


Beauty in the Bronx

Obsession: Dark Desires - Season 3

A beautiful young woman meets a handsome stranger. Their relationship soon blooms, but just as they start living together his charm turns to violent jealousy.


Word Of Faith

People Magazine Investigates: Cults - Season 2

Lost souls flock to the Word of Faith Fellowship, led by Pastor Jane Whaley. But deliverance comes at a price, including physical and psychological abuse.


Children Of God

People Magazine Investigates: Cults - Season 2

David Berg's Children of God cult attracted thousands of followers, including the late River Phoenix's family. But its message of free love became sinister.


Deadly Thrill

Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen - Season 1

When Michigan police find a man's headless body, it launches an investigation. When one of the teen killers confesses, he blames his friend, but can he be trusted?