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Requiem For Murder

Shattered - Season 3

In 1993, a woman is brutally attacked in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Police suspect a local man, but one detective believes this is the work of a serial killer.


Cabin in the Woods

A Crime to Remember - Season 2

In 1955, Stephanie Bryan disappears without a trace on her way from school. Police will have to use every tool at their disposal to solve the mystery of her fate.


Evil Guardians

Deadly Women - Season 7

Most women are good mothers, but there are few who lack motherly love. But what exactly drives a woman to use her children for money?


Bottom Of The Stairs

Grave Secrets - Season 1

When detectives arrive at the Fitzhugh home for a fatal fall, the coroner notices suspicious wounds. Now the death is treated as a murder - who is responsible?


Natural Witness

Forensic Detectives - Season 4

Features investigations in which natural clues, including insect bites, cat hair and a rare form of bacteria helped forensic scientists solve murders.


The Road Not Taken

Disappeared - Season 4

Ginni Wood loses contact with her mother while on a road trip to visit her best friend in Texas. The mystery deepens when the best friend goes missing too.


A Stranger in Town

FBI Files - Season 2

Following a murder investigation that was turned over to the FBI after police had major problems identifying the body of a young woman.


Tangled Web of Clues

Forensic Detectives - Season 1

Looks at how the type of insects and their stage of development on a dead body can pinpoint the time of death and even identify the victim.


Gone on the 4th of July

Disappeared - Season 3

After a violent argument with her boyfriend, Roxanne vanishes. What was she doing in an area infamous for drugs and prostitution and where is she now?


Playing With Fire

Extreme Forensics - Season 2

When 82-year-old Lou Edna Jones dies in a fire, detectives are convinced the blaze is the work of a serial arsonist. Can they catch him before he strikes again?


Driven To The Edge

Murder On CCTV - Season 2

After dropping her two boys at school in Coral Springs, Florida, Surya Toha vanishes without a trace. Chilling CCTV footage reveals exactly what happened to her.


Without A Trace

Reasonable Doubt - Season 3

In 2007, young mother Melissa Flores vanished without a trace and her ex, Ronnie Denny Jr, was convicted of murder. His family is convinced the system got it wrong.


Drive Me Crazy

Swamp Murders - Season 1

Bobby and Patricia have three daughters live contently. But when Bobby doesn't come home one evening, his worried wife Patricia files a missing person's report.


A Hunter's Game

FBI Files - Season 2

A look at how the FBI's behavioural science unit was then brought in when a series of naked dead bodies was found.


Faces of Tragedy

Forensic Detectives - Season 1

Forensic sculptors can place a face on an unidentified corpse by recreating a victim's likeness, often leading to a name.


Footsteps In The Snow

Home Sweet Homicide - Season 1

A young mother is found brutally murdered in her home in New York. Snowy footprints lead into the home but with no exit trail, how did the killer escape?


Got to Escape in My Underwear

I Almost Got Away With It - Season 3

Ricky McCurry has been in and out of prison his whole life. When he escapes prison for the third time will he manage to hold on to his freedom?


The Widowmaker

Blood Relatives - Season 3

Barry and Anita Ford have it all: success, happiness, and loving in-laws George and Jill. But behind closed doors, envy and flirtation generate toxic hostility.


Fresh Heir

Blood Relatives - Season 4

In the Houston heat a lawyer and his large family enjoy the high life. One member gets too greedy, though, and sparks a multi-generational war that ends in murder.



Good People, Badlands

True Crime with Aphrodite Jones - Season 4

Montana is shocked when mother Susan Casey goes missing after a date. Detectives realize that three men are in her life, any one of whom might be guilty.


Suburban Secrets

People Magazine Investigates - Season 4

When doting mother, Cheryl Coker, vanishes from Riverside, Ohio, search efforts come up empty. Police uncover disturbing information and a web of secrets.


Watch Your Back

American Monster - Season 3

US Air Force sergeant Nathan Paet and his family appear to live a blissfully normal life - until a horrific attack leads to their destruction.


Evil Sister Act

Diabolical: Deadly Love - Season 3

When a man's body is dumped in a cemetery, the trail leads detectives to question two very different sisters. How are they linked to this mysterious murder?


Flirting With The Enemy

Evil Online - Season 3

College freshman Jason finds excitement in online dating and starts chatting to several girls. But soon after meeting one of them offline, he turns up dead.


Online Secrets

Dead Reckoning - Season 1

The bodies of a mother and daughter are found in Charlottesville. Investigators discover a secret online relationship that might be the key to finding the murderer.