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Soap Opera

True Nightmares - Season 1

A successful merchant becomes infamous for the ingredients used in her popular teacakes. Plus, a brutal murder is investigated inside a creepy suburban house.


4 Women & A Funeral

Blood Relatives - Season 3

The Jones family lives the good life, with a popular business and two lovely daughters. But when a new houseguest finds skeletons in the closet, tragedy ensues.


Murder Mansion

Blood Relatives - Season 3

Bruce and Darlene Rouse have wealth, success and three wonderful children. But behind closed doors, a toxic mix of scorn, jealousy, and greed is about to boil over.


The Black Widow

Evil Lives Here - Season 3

When Cindy Taylor's father suddenly died, her world was shattered. Years later, Cindy discovers his death was just one of the deadly secrets her mother was hiding.


Deadly Aim

Forensic Detectives - Season 6

A woman is found shot dead two miles from her car and a couple in California are gagged and shot. Investigators attempt to trace the murderer.


Unfinished Business

Disappeared - Season 2

John, a happily married financial officer, has gone missing. Did the pressure of an audit drive him over the edge, or has something sinister happened?


Inside The Bureau

FBI Files - Season 6

When a bank manager was unable to open the bank vault, the FBI was called in, revealing a sophisticated burglary with estimated losses of $8 million.


Dead in the Water

Forensic Detectives - Season 5

Discover how scientists can search beneath water for proof of homicide, with cases including a woman found floating in a pond tied to a car jack.


Off the Grid

Disappeared - Season 7

Brian, a 25-year-old BMX rider, is last seen wandering a field. Have Brian's risky bike moves led to a severe state of confusion and his disappearance?


Held Hostage

FBI Files - Season 5

A family is taken hostage in a brazen bank robbery. When the gang's leader escapes arrest the FBI launch a manhunt for the armed and dangerous fugitive.


Fred Talbot

Faking It: Tears Of A Crime - Season 3

When arrested for historic sexual offences, TV weatherman Fred Talbot tried to hide the truth in police interviews. His repeated response of 'no comment' speaks volumes.


Stages Of Grief

American Monster - Season 3

In California, an intruder brutally attacks and kills Joan Dawley. Secret home movies uncover a shocking tale of deceit, and a monster lurking behind the scenes.


Rocky Waters

Swamp Murders - Season 4

After a baby is found abandoned along Ohio's Scioto River, police discover the child's mother has been tragically murdered. Is the killer connected to the woman's past?


Radical Resistance

FBI Files - Season 6

The bureau investigates the activities of a Croatian terrorist group who gunned down some of their opponents and eliminated others with parcel bombs.


Scent Of A Killer

Forensic Detectives - Season 5

Discover how a killer can try to cover his tracks, but evidence is hard to conceal when a special breed of investigative dog picks up the scent.


Reputations Matter

Cold Hearted - Season 1

Rebecca Simpson has a luxurious life, but yearns for more excitement. She begins an affair that will put her life in a downward spiral of jealousy and murder.


Got to Escape with One Leg

I Almost Got Away With It - Season 6

Walter Rhodes and two others were involved in the murder of two cops. Rhodes agrees to testify against the others, but then violates parole.


Masking Evil

Diabolical: Deadly Love - Season 3

A burning car is found by the side of a highway on the same night a single mother of two is reported missing. The two events lead investigators to a...


Episode 6

Diabolical: Deadly Love - Season 3

An air force veteran disappears along with his savings of $206,000. Detectives discover a woman has been draining his accounts, then uncover a conspiracy of greed and murder.



Always Be Mine

Truth About Murder With Sunny Hostin - Season 1

Former prosecutor Sunny Hostin re-examines the premeditated murder of 23-year-old mother Danielle Marshall. Who was the killer and how were they caught?


A Curve In The Road

Grave Secrets - Season 1

Wendy Kratzert's van initially appears to have skidded off the road - but on closer inspection police conclude that this is no accident, but homicide.


The Pact

Shattered - Season 2

In 1990, student Walter Ackerson goes missing. In 2004, detective Mark Meister takes on the seemingly impossible task of finding him and unravelling the mystery.


The Sinner

Southern Gothic - Season 1

When a young husband is shot dead in his Alabama home, police think it's a botched robbery. But a dark secret was hiding between the pews of the local Baptist...


Online Education

Evil Online - Season 2

University professor Dr Aune appears to have it all. But unknown to his family, his life is in freefall as dark online secrets threaten to spill out into real life.



Deadly Recall - Season 2

Detective Postiglione is tasked with solving the homicide of a young mother. He has to interview the only witness to the crime, the victim's four-year-old daughter.