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20 Sep

Love Is War

Forbidden: Dying for Love - Season 4

A decorated marine faces war at home when he falls for a married woman. Suspicion and jealousy plague their affair and it destroys their families and their lives.


20 Sep

The Face Of My Torturer

Evil Lives Here - Season 4

Having been tortured as a child by his mother, William Knorr reveals the dark events that took place in the house where he and his sisters grew up.


20 Sep

Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Murder Calls - Season 1

A man calls 911, gasping that he accidentally shot himself. When the police hear a second it is clear that this shooting is no accident.


20 Sep

Rage In Rose City

The Wonderland Murders - Season 2

After a home invasion turned deadly with the near decapitation of a man, police look at the victims' friend and girlfriend. But, four other men may be responsible.


20 Sep

Remnant of Blame

Forensic Detectives - Season 4

Investigators must determine the full story of a murder from a tiny scrap of evidence in order to solve a heinous crime.


20 Sep

Missing Valentine

Disappeared - Season 4

Is the disappearance of devoted wife and mum, Pat Viola, related to a triple murder in suburban New Jersey? A decade after the case goes cold, detectives find out.


20 Sep

Chain Break

Animal Cops Phoenix - Season 20

As summer arrives, temperatures exceed 100F. Mark rescues a skinny Rottweiler chained out in the hot sun, and investigators seek out kittens trapped under roof tiles.


20 Sep

Puppies In A Pipe

Animal Cops Phoenix - Season 20

The AHS Field Dispatch Team gets 200 calls daily for animals needing help. A dog and her nine puppies need rescuing from a storm drain before the rain arrives.


20 Sep

Lee Cutler: A Lost Soul

Disappeared - Season 1

Lee disappeared one morning after leaving a friend. Had he gone into the wilds, or maybe joined the Israeli army? Follow the hunt for this troubled teen.


20 Sep

For the Love of Money

Forensic Detectives - Season 5

The naked body of a Swedish man is found, a father and son are accused of killing a woman and a police officer impostor disposes of her love rival.


20 Sep

Episode 5

Britain's Toughest Cops - Season 1

The Op Support targets a drug dealing raver, police move in when rival football supporters kick off, and Operation Larkwood smashes a multimillion pound car crime gang.


20 Sep

All-American Sweethearts

Murder Comes to Town - Season 1

Kelly Eckart disappears one night after finishing work at a hardware store. Hours later her abandoned car is discovered, but Kelly is nowhere to be found.


20 Sep

Vanished In Vegas

The Perfect Murder - Season 5

Millionaire Las Vegas real estate developer Ron Rudin goes missing. To find him, detectives will trace a path filled with haunting spirits, obsession, and greed.


20 Sep

Forsaken Trust

Forensic Detectives - Season 7

A man reports that his wife and daughter were lost at sea when his boat caught fire. Forensic study of the wreckage reveals that the fire was arson.


20 Sep

Misplaced Loyalty

Forensic Detectives - Season 8

Firefighters are called to a home in the middle of the night to find a fire raging out of control but a mystery woman's charred body is discovered.


20 Sep

Family Snapshot

American Monster - Season 2

The Yates family moves to Spokane to find it hit by a serial killer targeting young women. The family's home videos expose one of America's most infamous killers.


20 Sep

All Hands On Deck

To Catch A Killer - Season 1

After a missing persons case takes a deadly turn, detectives hunt for one man. But when the killer surfaces, an arrest isn't as simple as it first seems.


20 Sep

Flesh And Blood

Reasonable Doubt - Season 1

A California couple's son is convicted of their brutal murder. But the victim's sister is convinced her nephew was wrongfully convicted. Can Chris and Melissa help?


20 Sep

Episode 10

Dateline With Tamzin Outhwaite - Season 2

Actress Tamzin Outhwaite looks behind the headlines at the baffling mysteries, cold cases and compelling real life dramas to uncover what really happened.



20 Sep

The Devil Wears Sneakers

Murder Comes to Town - Season 1

A tight-knit Illinois farming town is rocked when a family of five is found beaten to death in their home. But who could be guilty of this terrible crime?


20 Sep

Episode 6

Britain's Toughest Cops - Season 1

In North Yorkshire police uncover vehicle crime on an industrial scale, Operation North Bay nicks a gang of drug dealers, and divers search for a car crash victim.


20 Sep

Inheriting Evil

Home Alone - Season 1

In Georgia CeCe Coffee rents out a small apartment to make ends meet. But, in a case of mistaken identity, a home invasion forces her to think quickly to stay...


20 Sep

The Slender Man

Murder Calls - Season 2

A young mother is shot dead in a parking lot. Eyewitnesses call 911 and watch the shooter disappear into the woods nearby. Can police uncover the killer's identity?


20 Sep

Twice Shy

American Monster - Season 4

Carol-Ann and James Sharp seem like the perfect couple. But behind the veneer of happiness in home movies lie dark secrets - and an unlikely killer.


20 Sep

The Kill List

Valley Of The Damned - Season 1

Prison Valley is rocked by the murder of prisons chief Tom Clements. But how is it connected to the death of pizza delivery man, Nathan Leon, two days before?