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Soldier Of Misfortune

The 1990s: The Deadliest Decade - Season 1

Pvt. Tracie McBride had just started military intelligence training when she was kidnapped from a laundry room. The hunt for her unveils a tale of horror.


Without Mercy

Deadly Women - Season 13

In 2008 in Wigan, England, two women had an intense relationship. Becky wore Lyndsey down, abusing her psychically and emotionally and it eventually led to death.


Two Families

American Monster - Season 4

Video footage, police interview tapes and courtroom footage reveal the double lives of the US's most terrifying killers and abductors before they were caught.


Seeds of Destruction

Forensic Detectives - Season 2

See how plants help provide oxygen and nutrients, but in a criminal investigation, they can also mark the time and location of a person's death.


Maura Murray: Miles to Nowhere

Disappeared - Season 1

On a moonless, windy night Maura's car swerves and leaves the road - she is never seen again. But what happened to her?



Animal Cops Houston - Season 18

Investigator, Maverick Wagner, tries to rescue an emaciated cat trapped in an empty house. Plus, Debbie encounters a pack of feral dogs and a grieving widow's potbellied pig.



Animal Cops Houston - Season 18

Maverick seeks justice for the death of two huskies and fears there could be a third. SPCA investigates the death of horse, and rescue a dog trapped under a house.


Spring Break Nightmare

Disappeared - Season 4

When Colleen Orsborn disappears after skipping school to go to the beach, sightings of a serial killer lead the investigation down a sinister path.


Tangled Web of Clues

Forensic Detectives - Season 1

Looks at how the type of insects and their stage of development on a dead body can pinpoint the time of death and even identify the victim.


Episode 3

Britain's Toughest Cops - Season 1

Lincolnshire's Operational Support Unit hits a heroin dealer's home, Cumbria police keep warring football fans apart, and a fleeing car thief meets his match in West Yorkshire.


Answering The Call

Murder Comes to Town - Season 4

Emergency workers find the body of Megan Sharpton at the centre of a brush fire and police race to track down the attacker before he claims another victim.


Death In The Family

The Perfect Murder - Season 4

When Randy Scheffield's family finds him dead in his bed, they suspect a heart attack. But police uncover a murder conspiracy that will shatter this small town.


Unlikely Sources

Forensic Detectives - Season 3

How baffling crimes have been solved through evidence provided by insects, beer bottles and other seemingly meaningless objects.


True Crime

Forensic Detectives - Season 3

Crime writers know as much about crime as any crime-fighter - or criminal. They can provide as near a first-person account of a murder as is possible.


Home Video Hit

American Monster - Season 1

In public, Max and Janeene Jones appear to have the perfect marriage. But 20 years later, an undercover police investigation reveals an unexpected killer.


All Hands On Deck

To Catch A Killer - Season 1

After a missing persons case takes a deadly turn, detectives hunt for one man. But when the killer surfaces, an arrest isn't as simple as it first seems.


Deadly Obsession

Deadly Affairs - Season 1

Ignacio's wife forgives him for cheating on her and fathering a child with his lover - but will his mistress be as understanding when he breaks off their affair?


Sex, Drugs And Murder

True Crime with Aphrodite Jones - Season 6

Danny Coleman's charred remains are found 50 miles from his home. The near 20-year hunt for his killers involves sex, drugs and a voice from the grave.



Open Door Policy

Murder Comes to Town - Season 4

The brutal murder of Mike Greene, a retired police officer, and wife Terri shatters their small Michigan town. Was it a personal grudge, or a less obvious motive?


Episode 4

Britain's Toughest Cops - Season 1

Lincolnshire's specialist search team look for a missing doctor. Plus, in West Yorkshire a gang is pulled in for questioning about an armed robbery - are they guilty?


Love Is War

Forbidden: Dying for Love - Season 4

A decorated marine faces war at home when he falls for a married woman. Suspicion and jealousy plague their affair and it destroys their families and their lives.


Life On The Line

Your Worst Nightmare - Season 4

Cousins Ana Franklin and Jennifer Holliday are travelling home when terror strikes. When Jennifer is taken hostage, a 911 operator will stop at nothing to save her.


No Way Out

Shattered - Season 3

In 1993, a shootout in broad daylight leaves a police officer dead. The gunmen flee, but the Alabama police will stop at nothing to catch the shooters.


Terrible Place To Die

Truth About Murder With Sunny Hostin - Season 1

Two teenagers are brutally attacked by a stranger in a park in Portland, Texas. Helped by the survivor, police desperately hunt for the callous killer.