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There's a Worm in my Eye

Monsters Inside Me - Season 4

In Texas, a ballerina descends into a downward spiral of debilitating migraines and muscle failures. What is sapping the life out of this once vibrant girl?


My Husband Is Hallucinating

Monsters Inside Me - Season 4

In Alaska, an enigmatic condition leading to bizarre hallucinations hits a burly oilrig worker. What could possibly be taking down this tough guy?


King Of The Mountain

Alaskan Bush People - Season 4

The Wolfpack kids have divided their land between themselves. They're keen to finish building their houses in time as Noah prepares for the baby's arrival.


Starving in the Wilderness

Alaska: Surviving the Last Frontier - Season 1

Carolyn Wise heads out on a moose hunt and the Flower Lake group stalks squirrels. The other groups are forced to take desperate measures to find food.


Buckeye Bigfoot

Finding Bigfoot - Season 2

The researchers recruit a team of volunteers to help them to investigate Bigfoot sightings in a forest in Ohio. Can they find evidence of the beast's existence?


Cat Speech

How Do Animals Do That? - Season 1

What are cats trying to communicate to humans? Why have some of the world's cleverest monkeys turned to a life of crime? Experts answer these questions and more!


Wet And Wild

Lone Star Law - Season 4

It's a busy weekend in Texas. The Game Wardens deal with thousands of festival-goers on the San Marcos River and a patrol on Lake Texoma leads to multiple arrests.


Operation Dalmation

The Vet Life - Season 3

Dr. Blue operates on a Dalmatian weighed down by a grapefruit-sized tumour on his head. Dr. Ross seeks a seizure detecting service dog for his brother Tedric.


Crash Course

Lone Star Law - Season 4

In Galveston County, a game warden needs to find a home for an alligator. Plus, in Hunt County the wardens investigate a family's property damaged by bullets.


A Big Gamble

Alaskan Bush People - Season 2

After Billy is offered a deal on one-of-a-kind boat, the Brown family is faced with a life-changing decision. Meanwhile, Noah kindles a new relationship in town.


Rocky Seas

Alaskan Bush People - Season 2

Billy and his sons face the long journey home on the old boat they just purchased. Meanwhile, Matt and Noah work on an improvement that could electrify Browntown.


Kristen Bell's Sloth Surprise

Celebrity Animal Encounters - Season 1

Celebrities Kate Micucci, Kristen Bell and Fabio recount their craziest animal encounters, featuring frog obsessions, sloth surprises and wild dogs.


Melissa Joan Hart's Dolphin Dilemma

Celebrity Animal Encounters - Season 1

Celebrities Melissa Joan Hart, Jillian Barberie and Orlando Jones recount their kooky animal encounters, featuring dolphins, bears and bulldogs.


Izzy The Koala Whisperer

Dodo Heroes - Season 1

A family who dedicate their time rescuing animals in Australia, release Crickey the koala back into the wild after a year of nursing him back to health.


Episode 5

Vet on the Loose - Season 1

Romain visits a chameleon playing host to a plague of yellow worms, converts a cockatiel hooked on junk food and puts a stop to a chicken eating its own eggs.


Episode 6

Vet on the Loose - Season 1

Love is in the air! Leading vet Romain helps a couple of snakes who have lost that loving feeling, and in Bristol a jealous ferret is set to ruin his...


Tiger Shark Beach - Season 0

Dr. Neil Hammerschlag answers the key questions of tiger shark science - where do these sharks mate, where do the pregnant females gestate, and where do they give birth?


I Was Prey: Shark Week - Season 0

Danger lurks just below the surface in the Pacific Ocean. A woman on an afternoon swim is suddenly attacked by a great white shark. And, a tiger shark attacks a...



You Need To Check Your Cat!

Cat vs Dog - Season 1

The experts meet feline-fearing Terence and Unique, who struggle living with Rottweiler Girly and cat Boo. Can they prevent the couple's third breakup?


Fire & Gold

Homestead Rescue - Season 3

The Raneys are faced with the daunting task of overhauling a faulty electrical system and building the first hydro-electric wheel on the Little Susitna River.


Whitney Cummings' Coyote Clash

Celebrity Animal Encounters - Season 1

Celebrities Whitney Cummings, Lauren Lapkus and Perez Hilton recount their kooky animal encounters, featuring coyotes, skunks and new puppies.


David Arquette's Petting Zoo Calamity

Celebrity Animal Encounters - Season 1

Stars David Arquette, Tricia Helfer and Tiffani Thiessen recount their kooky animal encounters, featuring giant rabbits and adorable quokkas.


Pen And The Dogs Of War

Dodo Heroes - Season 1

British Marine Pen Farthing runs Afghanistan's only official animal sanctuary. He's determined to reunite six dogs with the soldier who saved them in Texas.


Virginia Is for Bigfoot Lovers

Finding Bigfoot - Season 2

The team visit Virginia to check out footage of a creature the locals have dubbed 'The Beast of Gumhill'. Can they prove this elusive beast is real?


The Nest

Expedition Bigfoot - Season 1

Russell finds a structure he believes is a Bigfoot nest. Meanwhile, new team member Ronny joins Mireya in a race to the nest to collect DNA samples.