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Animal Cops Houston - Season 17

Investigator Liz Pavlicek visits a house where more than 30 spaniels have suffered neglect. The team works to rescue the animals but are shocked by their condition.


The Littlest Rescuer

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet - Season 6

A dog is rushed to the clinic after being hit by a car. Four rats must be neutered before adoption and a little girl rescues kittens in Grand Junction.


Cougars On The Run

Rugged Justice - Season 3

Washington's Fish and Wildlife Police search for stranded cougar cubs. In the Seattle harbour, an unsuspecting rock fish poacher is arrested.


Levitating Lizards And Immortal Jellyfish

How Do Animals Do That? - Season 1

New science and amazing demonstrations reveal how a lizard can literally walk on water. And, can jellyfish live forever?


Supersonic Owls And Invisible Octopuses

How Do Animals Do That? - Season 1

A bird expert reveals how a barn owl catches prey it can't even see. And, what makes octopuses masters of disguise?


Fit Family, Fat Dog

My Fat Pet - Season 1

Travis teaches a fat Lagotto Romagnolo to ignore distractions so she can do her job as an emotional support dog. Later, he helps an overweight Shar-Pei.


Barking Dogs And Sloth Buffets

How Do Animals Do That? - Season 1

Why do sloths turn green? How do sea turtles navigate their way home? Plus, how do diving beetles spend so long underwater?


Backwards Birds And Slimy Sea Creatures

How Do Animals Do That? - Season 1

High-speed footage reveals how the hummingbird can fly backwards. And, why are hagfish the most disgusting creatures in the ocean?


Puppy Dog Tails And Crocodile Jaws

How Do Animals Do That? - Season 1

Scientists reveal what a dog's tail wag really means. Plus, what's the secret behind a crocodile's powerful jaws - and how to escape it?


Welcome To Our World

The Zoo: San Diego - Season 1

A baby klipspringer is born on one of the coldest nights of the season and needs to be nursed back to health. Plus, gorilla Joanne turns five years old.


Sharks And Recreation

Evan Goes Wild - Season 1

Evan is on a Tahitian Island to swim with humpback whales. He also helps collect DNA samples from lemon sharks and rescues an abandoned litter of kittens.


Reuniting The Herd

Saved By The Barn - Season 1

The Barn Sanctuary pigs are ready to move into their spacious new palace. Plus, the staff put on a memorial after Andy the cow passes away.


Slow Loris Romance

The Bronx Zoo - Season 2

A female slow loris has weight problems that stop her from becoming pregnant. Keepers take the penguin colony for a CT scan and an ocopy has pain in his hooves.


An Elephant's Trust

The Bronx Zoo - Season 2

A young otter, Monty, has trouble chewing his food after a potential tooth infection. Plus, the keepers share how they care for the zoo's three female elephants.


Training Dragons

The Bronx Zoo - Season 2

The keepers introduce the male and female Komodo dragons with the hope they'll procreate. The team train the loveable squirrel monkeys and vaccinate the inca terns.


Reuniting The Herd

Saved By The Barn - Season 1

The Barn Sanctuary pigs are ready to move into their spacious new palace. Plus, the staff put on a memorial after Andy the cow passes away.


Hog Chase Rescue

Saved By The Barn - Season 1

Dan races to North Carolina to rescue a group of pigs from horrific living conditions. Plus, the organisation's new sign is put on display.



Jurassic River Beast

Jeremy Wade's Dark Waters - Season 1

Fisherman and adventurer, Jeremy Wade, travels to the island of Tasmania in search of a colossal freshwater beast on the verge of disappearing forever.


Island Of Koalas

Vet Gone Wild - Season 1

Dr Chris Brown returns to Australia to investigate a deadly disease that's killing koalas. And, he travels to a remote Indigenous town being overrun by dogs.


A Baby Giraffe's Tall Order

Crikey! It's the Irwins - Season 3

After the birth of Talbert the giraffe, serious complications arise. Plus, Robert rescues an entangled swan caught in a fishing line.


The Stuff of Nightmares

Whale Wars - Season 2

The Sea Shepherds watch furiously as the Japanese fleet pulls a whale onto the Nisshin Maru for slaughter. Is there anything they can do?


Bush Heart

Alaskan Bush People - Season 3

Matt, Bam, Bear and Gabe feel the strain of making deliveries in harsh conditions. Plus, circumstances force a decision that will change the lives of the wolfpack.


The Wolf Pack Returns

Alaskan Bush People - Season 3

A happy homecoming for the Brown family means hard work to get Browntown back on track. A risky haul with an all-or-nothing offer may be the only answer.