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Night Terror

I Was Prey - Season 3

On a camping trip in Canada, 12-year-old Zac Delventhal is dragged from his tent by a wolf. Plus, Maria Korcsmaros is attacked by a great white in the Pacific Ocean.


Matted Murray

Animal Cops Houston - Season 9

The team try to help a tiny dog with a coat so matted and filthy, they need to sedate him to remove it. It is a case Investigator Dana Moss...


Left For Dead

Pit Bulls & Parolees - Season 9

Tia rescues a neglected puppy living in filthy conditions. Can they save her before it's too late? Plus, two owners want a sibling for their 4-year-old dog, Chase.


Gold Rush

Alaska: The Last Frontier - Season 6

Otto pays for his hernia surgery and ends up with gold fever. Meanwhile, Atz conquers old fears and reaches new heights as he races the freeze to complete his cabin.


Supersmart Dolphins And Hungry Hyenas

How Do Animals Do That - Season 1

A game of underwater copycat shows how smart dolphins really are. How do hyenas eat almost anything? And, how do geckos defy gravity?


Alyssas Charmed Tank

Tanked - Season 7

Actress, activist, and entrepreneur Alyssa Milano tasks Wayde and Brett with making a tank for her family - an elegant aquarium with a built-in wine rack.


Turtles Take Flight

Crikey! It's the Irwins - Season 2

Robert and Terri take to the skies to release some sea turtles near the Great Barrier Reef. Bindi eagerly awaits the birth of the zoo's first tiger cub in years.


Winter's Fury

Homestead Rescue - Season 1

Marty, Matt and Misty Raney help the Russell family, who are struggling on a failing homestead. Food is low, they don't know how to hunt and their cabin is collapsing.


Abandoned & Alone

Homestead Rescue - Season 1

The Raneys help Beth and Mike, who live in a ghost town in Montana. Stalked by a mountain lion, and devoid of any livestock, water or food, survival is a...


Trust Or Die

Homestead Rescue - Season 1

The Deeters are dog-mushers from Alaska, with a distrust of outsiders. But when disaster strikes, the Raneys must convince them to make drastic changes to their home.


Under Siege

Homestead Rescue - Season 1

Josh and Kim raise pigs in Virginia. But with pigs destroying their homestead and predators killing livestock, is it time to let go of their free-range dream?


Nevada Thirst

Homestead Rescue - Season 1

It's the Raney's biggest challenge yet. Marty must find a way to build a house suitable for the ageing parents, while Misty attempts to grow crops in the Desert.



Homestead Rescue - Season 1

The Raney's are called to a failing Homestead in Colorado. Plus, Don makes a 40 mile commute each day leaving Lorinda alone and terrified of the bears and mountain lions.


Wolves At The Door

Homestead Rescue - Season 1

The Raneys help the Johnson family who have no drinking water or food sources. Their dogs have been killed by a mystery predator and worry they are next.



Homestead Rescue - Season 1

The Raneys assist two Montana homesteaders who face being trapped on their property. When a medical emergency strikes, the Raneys face their first ever failed rescue.



Homestead Rescue - Season 1

In Hawaii the Raneys attempt to save two homesteaders whose dream homestead lays a flash-flood zone. As the weather closes in, can they save the property from the water?


Episode 11

Bondi Vet - Season 7

More creatures from the Cook Islands are treated by Chris and his team, including a cat called 'Small One' who is missing part of his nose, and a massive 5...


Episode 12

Bondi Vet - Season 7

Chris heads to Victoria to try and trim the tusks of 220 kilo pig called Burpy, tries to keep a three-legged cow on its feet, and treats a very dizzy...



Episode 13

Bondi Vet - Season 7

A mini pig who loves to dig is in trouble with local authorities, a homeless shitzu-cross is in a critical condition, and a baby cheetah must pass a series of...


Snow Monkey Social

The Zoo - Season 3

A new bison calf struggles to keep up with his mum. And, keepers at the Central Park Zoo hope the female snow monkeys accept a new male.


Back In The Wild

Lone Star Law - Season 4

Game Warden Benge returns after a life-threatening injury. Along the coast, fishermen get caught with too many sharks and a protected turtle gets relocated.


Killers On The Loose

I Survived An Animal Attack - Season 1

A visit to the chimp sanctuary turns deadly when an alpha male attacks a man and his guide, and a zoo event takes a nasty turn when a tiger breaks...


The Return Of Trapper

Mountain Monsters - Season 4

The AIMS team meet with their leader Trapper who reveals a clue they have been missing. With the new information they try again to find the Cherokee Devil.


We're Gonna Die

Pit Bulls & Parolees - Season 5

Two stray pit bulls hiding beneath a two-ton stack of lumber lure Tia into a dramatic and potentially deadly rescue. Then a colourful Bayou couple visit Villalobos.