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Baby Bigfoot

Finding Bigfoot - Season 2

The research team visit New York to investigate video footage of a baby Bigfoot. Will a new search method help them to locate Sasquatches living near the Big Apple?


Big Cat Screaming Match

Nature's Strangest Mysteries: Solved - Season 1

Experts examine incredible footage of a lone dolphin that gets muddy. Plus, why is it possible that a snake could exist totally undetected by predators?


The 500-Year-Old Shark

Nature's Strangest Mysteries: Solved - Season 1

Experts examine footage of crows leaving gifts in Seattle. Plus, could a shark really be older than America? And, what is making crop circles in the sea?


Six Mangy Mutts

Animal Cops Houston - Season 9

Puppies dumped in a ditch need the teams love and attention. Finding these poor pups secure homes should be easy, but health problems put everything in jeopardy.


Justice Served

Lone Star Law - Season 4

In South Texas, a warden assists in releasing cold stunned sea turtles back into the sea. Plus, a standard patrol at a fishing spot leads to a drug bust and...


Ready To Roll

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet - Season 5

Dr. Jeff and the team head to a remote town offering low-cost care to pets. Plus, Dr. Petra performs life-saving surgery on a Basset Hound that was hit by a...


Episode 17

How Do Animals Do That? - Season 1

How do caterpillars transform into magnificent butterflies in their cocoon? Plus, why are cats' tongues the way they are? Experts answer these questions and more!


Roadside Sting

Lone Star Law - Season 2

It's opening weekend of deer season. In East Texas, an injured owl is rushed to the vet. On the Gulf, Game Wardens get tough when an oysterman's catch doesn't add...


Tiny Soul Mate

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet - Season 5

Dr. Jeff helps 40 miniature Australian shepherds rescued from a puppy mill. And, vet technician Christine needs Dr. Jeff's help when her chihuahua struggles to walk.


Bulldog Bellyache

The Vet Life - Season 3

Yuki the bulldog ate something she shouldn't have, now Dr. Blue needs to find it. And, the rescue cat Dr. Lavigne adopted needs care after its double amputation.


Disco Spider

Nature's Strangest Mysteries: Solved - Season 1

Experts explain why some spiders dance and what is the weird, bubbling foam engulfing a whole town? Plus, what mysterious creature is preying on Europe's sheep?


Cuddly Shark

Nature's Strangest Mysteries: Solved - Season 1

Experts explain what causes a tiger shark to hug a diver. Plus, why do pigs swim in the Caribbean and what is washing up in the thousands on the shores...


Episode 5

Meet The Penguins - Season 1

Amputee Cedric's happy marriage to wife Robin faces its biggest challenge, Squeaker the juvenile tests people's patience and a wild penguin comes in with a life-threatening wound.


Episode 6

Meet The Penguins - Season 1

A wild penguin receives treatment for a life-or-death wound, two home-pen inhabitants get into a nasty fight and one of the long-term residents celebrates a special occasion!


Episode 3

Vet on the Loose - Season 1

Leading vet and zoological medicine specialist Romain Pizzi gets to grips with a fat skunk and an eagle with a tender talon. He also heads to Blackpool to MOT the...


Episode 4

Vet on the Loose - Season 1

Leading vet Romain helps do a heart scan on a cocker spaniel. And in Blackpool, he meets the country's largest tortoise and treats a rabbit who is long in the...


Fighting Birds

Animal Cops Houston - Season 9

Police raid a rooster fight in full swing and the team swoop. A couple who have been fostering unwanted animals are overwhelmed - It's time for Dana Moss help.


Seeing Stars And Stripes

Lone Star Law - Season 4

It's summertime in Texas and the Game Wardens have lots to do. They handle a speeding jet ski, drunk boaters, angry campers and a rowdy raccoon.


Family Reunion

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet - Season 5

Shelter volunteers drive from Kansas hoping the team can save a tiny rescue dog. Plus, Dr. Jeff's cousin asks for the vets to visit Tennessee to provide free care.


Lumpy Duck

The Vet Life - Season 3

Three veterinarians who became friends at university and dreamed of starting their own practice run a veterinary hospital together in Houston, Texas.



What Did We Get Ourselves Into?

Alaska: Surviving the Last Frontier - Season 1

Greg Pierson, who has never used a gun, sets out on a brutal mountain goat hunt whilst the other groups gather food before the winter.


Stripeless Zebra

Nature's Strangest Mysteries: Solved - Season 1

Why would goats risk their lives to climb an almost vertical wall? Plus, what happens when a zebra has no stripes? Experts explain this and more!


Hot Cheetah

Nature's Strangest Mysteries: Solved - Season 1

Why have a pair of giraffes turned white in Kenya? Plus, why are the world's fastest land animal not always successful when hunting? Experts examine this and more!


Kangaroos In Trees

The Zoo - Season 5

The zoo's lone tree kangaroo gets a new mate. Then, after months of quarantine, it's moving day for a pair of Mang Mountain pit viper.


You Need To Check Your Cat!

Cat vs Dog - Season 1

The experts meet feline-fearing Terence and Unique, who struggle living with Rottweiler Girly and cat Boo. Can they prevent the couple's third breakup?


My Husband Is Hallucinating

Monsters Inside Me - Season 4

In Alaska, an enigmatic condition leading to bizarre hallucinations hits a burly oilrig worker. What could possibly be taking down this tough guy?



Alaskan Bush People - Season 2

Ami is forced to confront her past and the life she left behind years ago, while the Brown boys work a tough demolition job to salvage goods to complete their...