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A Brother's Return

Pit Bulls & Parolees - Season 9

The crew rescues a sick and injured dog that is facing a whole host of difficult health problems. Plus, former parolee worker Matt returns to the shelter.


Unicorn Of The Sea

Nature's Strangest Mysteries: Solved - Season 1

Narwhals are the unicorns of the sea, but what do they use their extraordinary tusks for? What animal has transformed Yellowstone? Experts explain it all!


Rattleless Rattlesnake

Nature's Strangest Mysteries: Solved - Season 1

Experts explain where to find an enchanted underwater forest. Plus, why have some rattlesnakes on a remote Mexican island lost their rattle?


The Heart Of A Pit Bull

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet - Season 4

A young man's pet goat is injured in a freak accident. Can Dr. Jeff help? Plus, Gus, a dog, has swallowed a mysterious object and has been unwell since.


Center Of Chaos

Animal Cops Houston - Season 5

Assistant chief investigator Charles Jantzen sets out to save 70 cats and dogs in a filthy privately-owned animal rescue centre by exerting pressure on the owner.



Pit Bulls & Parolees - Season 8

When an adopted dog mysteriously appears in a Mississippi shelter, Tania and Earl go to the rescue. Parolee Joe is shaken after separating two stray dogs fighting.


Hot Cheetah

Nature's Strangest Mysteries: Solved - Season 1

Why have a pair of giraffes turned white in Kenya? Plus, why are the world's fastest land animal not always successful when hunting? Experts examine this and more!


Appalachian Christmas Treehouse

Treehouse Masters - Season 5

The crew treks to the Blue Ridge Mountains to build a treehouse for carpenter Mike for hosting the wild Appalachian Breaking Up Christmas tradition!


Vampire Cats!

Cat vs Dog - Season 1

Jackson and Zoe meet two cats never seen in daytime. To escape the three giant dogs they live with, the frightened felines are living inside cabinets.


Tricked Out Cat Castle

Animal Cribs - Season 1

Designer Antonio Ballatore and his team build a cats-only treehouse. Linked to the family room, Taffy and her ten-year-old owner can now play in style.


New Day, New Blood

Pit Bulls & Parolees - Season 7

Tia is short-staffed, but finding a parolee who is prepared for the demands of the job is proving difficult. Then, the team races to an overwhelmed owner.


Second Savior

Pit Bulls & Parolees - Season 7

When a sinkhole threatens to swallow a nearby neighbourhood, Tia teams up with cat expert Jackson Galaxy to rescue dozens of cats.


Bindi's Lemur Island

Crikey! It's the Irwins - Season 1

Robert helps out with a health check for the zoo's unusual-looking alligator snapping turtles. Terri and Bindi welcome seven new Lemurs from the US.


Irwin African Adventure

Crikey! It's the Irwins - Season 1

Following Steve's global conservation dream, the Irwins go to South Africa. Terri helps release a wild leopard. Bindi meets an all-female anti-poaching team.


Nightmare On Cat Street

My Cat From Hell - Season 8

Jackson works with a couple whose lovable cat, Zachary, sprays all over the house. Plus, he meets up with troublemaking cat named Freddie Krueger.


Dinner With A Devil

Coyote Peterson: Brave the Wild - Season 1

Coyote heads to Australia and reveals the history behind the critically endangered Tasmanian devil. He discovers the manpower needed to conserve this species.


Episode 5

Meet The Sloths - Season 1

It's touch-and-go when sanctuary lothario, Randy, succumbs to an infection, a new arrival gets a presidential welcome and Becky unravels the secrets of sloth attraction.


Don't Mess With Mama

Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet - Season 1

Dr. Dee checks the health of a black bear who just woke from hibernation. A routine cattle castration turns dangerous, and a special-needs dog seeks a home.


Tis the Season

Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet - Season 1

Dr. Dee takes care of her mum while manning the clinic, where the vet performs emergency surgery on a puppy. Plus, Dr. Terry fights to save one of Santa's reindeer.


Kindness of Strangers

Pit Bulls & Parolees - Season 8

After great flood of 2016 devastates Louisiana, Tia and the Villalobos team help the victims. An elderly woman is hospitalised and separated from her dogs.



Episode 9

Bondi Vet - Season 5

A beautiful puppy has Chris confused, an injured stray with a limp needs urgent medical care, Chris tries to solve a cheetah's eating problem and there's a human addition to...


Zeus' Battle For Survival

Animal Cops Philadelphia - Season 12

It's touch and go for German shepherd Zeus as the Animal Cops medical team work through the night to remove a collar embedded in his neck.


Treading Water

Pit Bulls & Parolees - Season 9

Tania and Mariah help two puppies diagnosed with swimmer's syndrome take their first steps. Plus, Marcel rescues a stray dog trapped beneath a house.


Happily Everly After

Amanda To The Rescue - Season 2

A member of Amanda's TV crew wants to adopt a Frenchie from a puppy mill. Plus, a lab mix needs daily physical therapy for a brain disorder.



Animal Cops Houston - Season 5

A rookie's attempt to save a dog with a rusty metal chain embedded in his neck touches everyone at the Houston SPCA shelter. Can Investigator Wernick save the dog?


Shelter From The Storm

Pit Bulls & Parolees - Season 9

Overwhelmed by work, Tia hires three new parolees to help out - but soon things take a turn for the worse. And the shelter is swamped by a group of...