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Brooklyn Cat Fight

My Cat From Hell - Season 7

Jackson makes his way to Brooklyn, where a couple are seeing their relationship suffer over the ongoing blood feud between their two cats.


Grizzly Bait

Homestead Rescue - Season 1

Arctic temperatures and a hungry grizzly wreak havoc on a struggling homestead. The Raneys take action with big builds including a blacksmith shop - but tragedy strikes.


Stray Bullets

Animal Cops Detroit - Season 1

On the east side of the city, Investigator Shawn Hairston and Field Agent Mike Dowe are called out to deal with a stray dog that's been shot and very seriously...


Bouba's Back

The Zoo - Season 3

Andean bear Bouba returns from the National Zoo in Washington D.C. to reunite with his loyal mate Nicole. And Blanche, a feisty female alpaca, is due to give birth.


Andre The Baby Goat

The Zoo - Season 3

A markhor goat gives birth to Andre, the biggest baby of the year. And, confiscated lizards destined for the pet trade require urgent medical attention.


Hot Cheetah

Nature's Strangest Mysteries: Solved - Season 1

Why have a pair of giraffes turned white in Kenya? Plus, why are the world's fastest land animal not always successful when hunting? Experts examine this and more!


Golden Girl

Pit Bulls & Parolees - Season 10

Former adopters come back to Villalobos to adopt another dog. Mariah faces a challenging rescue when she realises that the dog in danger is deaf.


Head Over Heels

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet - Season 5

Dr. Jeff visits a free clinic and returns with a dog who was hit by a car. Plus, he helps a dog with a mysterious lump and Dr. Baier wants...


Mek Comes Home

The Zoo: San Diego - Season 1

Mek the tiger returns to the zoo after six years. Two shy tree kangaroos are introduced to one another and the keepers have to move over one hundred animals!


Slender Loris Chorus

Evan Goes Wild - Season 1

Evan celebrates his birthday by trekking to Sri Lanka in search of the slender loris. He also meets a special three-legged elephant and a rare tree pit viper.


Tricked Out Cat Castle

Animal Cribs - Season 1

Designer Antonio Ballatore and his team build a cats-only treehouse. Linked to the family room, Taffy and her ten-year-old owner can now play in style.


Guilt Stricken Guardian

My Cat From Hell - Season 9

Jackson needs to find a way to help a distressed cat's uncontrollable spraying. Plus, can he get a guilty guardian to stop feeding her diabetic cat lasagne?


Mojito Cat

My Cat From Hell - Season 8

Jackson deals with a young man with a genuine cat phobia, and he returns to Colorado to keep his favourite kitten from the kitten rescue road trip in her adoptive...


Hog Heaven & Homestead Hell

Homestead Rescue - Season 3

Marty must move a failing cabin onto a flood-proof foundation while Matt teaches an ill mother how to face her fear of invasive hogs.


Treehouse Of Terror

Homestead Rescue - Season 3

The Raneys tackle a treehouse cabin on the verge of collapse in Missouri. Misty constructs a greenhouse out of scavenged windows, and Matt builds a workshop.


Burned Out

Homestead Rescue - Season 3

In Northern California, the Raneys give a masterclass on rebuilding from scratch when they help a family whose homestead was destroyed in a devastating wildfire.


Idaho Death Trap

Homestead Rescue - Season 3

A family in Idaho suffers from a cabin on the verge of collapse and predator threat to 100 chickens. The Raneys set about making it liveable.


Miracle Cat

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet - Season 1

An overweight cat with kidney disease needs a miracle if it is going to survive. Plus, Dr Jeff battles to save a dog hit by a car while the owners...


Weight Of The Wolfpack

Alaskan Bush People - Season 3

As Ami awaits treatment options, the kids set to join Matt in Alaska packing up Browntown. But an accidental explosion leaving Matt injured causes a setback.



Crates To Couches

Amanda To The Rescue - Season 1

Amanda goes undercover to take in 3 dogs rescued from puppy mills, including a sweet chihuahua that steals the heart of one of her crew members.


When Cows Attack

Homestead Rescue - Season 1

The Raneys arrives at a homestead threatened by heat, coyotes and even cows. Disaster strikes when Marty attempts to protect livestock with a massive build.


Sound Of Silence

Pit Bulls & Parolees - Season 12

Tia gives a hybrid wolfdog a second chance. At the vet, Lizzy is forced to make a tough call for a new rescue and later helps a pair of hearing-impaired...


House Of 30,000 Tires

Homestead Rescue - Season 3

The Raneys help a family struggling to survive in their home made of 30,000 tire bales. They are battling intruding pests, flooding, and unstable walls.