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Blood Thirsty

My Cat From Hell - Season 5

Jackson Galaxy comes to the aid of a Los Angeles fire-fighter who cannot deal with crazy cat Coco, and Foley is freaking out a Texan couple with 'the night terrors'.


Puppy Dog Tails And Crocodile Jaws

How Do Animals Do That? - Season 1

Scientists reveal what a dog's tail wag really means. Plus, what's the secret behind a crocodile's powerful jaws - and how to escape it?


Mamma Mia!

My Cat From Hell - Season 5

Parents Greg and Dina have three loving children and one vicious cat named Mia. Plus, the only thing keeping Chris and Tenille from moving in together is her hostile cat.


Episode 1

Bondi Vet: Coast To Coast - Season 1

Dr. Kate discovers dachshund Gary has a life-threatening condition. Dr. Alex is under pressure to deliver 12 puppies, and Dr. Peter performs surgery on a lion.


Big Cat Screaming Match

Nature's Strangest Mysteries: Solved - Season 1

Experts examine incredible footage of a lone dolphin that gets muddy. Plus, why is it possible that a snake could exist totally undetected by predators?


Cool Koalas And Elephant Calls

How Do Animals Do That? - Season 1

How do koalas keep cool in the Australian sun? How do elephants communicate when they are miles apart? Experts answer these questions!


Golden Girl

Pit Bulls & Parolees - Season 10

Former adopters come back to Villalobos to adopt another dog. Mariah faces a challenging rescue when she realizes that the dog in danger is deaf.


My Underdog Life

Pit Bulls & Parolees - Season 10

Lizzy and Marcel team up to catch a stray pit bull on the streets near the centre. Tia's memoir is complete and she's ready to share the first copy with...


Mkhaya Discovers Her Trunk

The Zoo: San Diego - Season 1

The youngest elephant at the park learns how to use her trunk. Plus, an Andean bear is ready to mate and Jeff searches for the elusive coast patch-nosed snake.


Episode 1

Bondi Vet - Season 8

Vet Chris meets a cormorant missing half its beak, dog Scooby has a shocking hip problem and there's only one way to fix it, and practice makes perfect for some...


The Return Of The Monster Mako - Season 0

Shark tagger Keith Poe and marine biologists Greg Stuntz and Matt Ajemain use state-of-the-art technology to try to document a live-predation of a thousand-pound mako shark.


My Boyfriend Vs. My Cat

My Cat From Hell - Season 6

Reality star and retired model Adrianne Curry and her boyfriend, Todd, are living with Adrianne's menacing Siamese cat, Billy Shears.


Sheep-Wrangling Dogs And Turtle Tears

How Do Animals Do That? - Season 1

Why are moths attracted to flames? Why do turtles cry? And, why do sea otters bond with stones? Experts answer these questions and more!


Episode 7

Meet The Sloths - Season 1

Two rehabilitated sloths are released back into the wild, Claire reveals the athletic secrets of the jungle gym and Sloth Scientist Becky gets a buzz from a sloth skeleton.


Whatever It Takes

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet - Season 1

A micro-pig with an injured leg requires surgery, but anaesthesia could be deadly. Later, a French bulldog's routine dental exam becomes a complex operation.


Mile-High Mutt

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet - Season 1

A golden retriever is rushed into surgery after swallowing a pacifier. Then, when a stray dog is hit by a car in Oklahoma, Dr Jeff and his team step up...


Miracle Calf

The Zoo: San Diego - Season 1

A white rhino is pregnant with a very special calf. Plus, Connor the bone-loving Malayan tiger has tooth trouble and the vets step in to help.



Episode 2

Bondi Vet - Season 8

Dr Chris sees to Fergus, the accident-prone dog, and Brian, the bulldog who's struggling to breathe. Meanwhile, Tim attempts to tackle some runaway sheep.


The Stallion Survivor

Animal Cops Houston - Season 9

A violent clash between two warring stallions presents the SPCA team with a massive challenge. And, a dog and her puppies are found dumped on a street.



Homestead Rescue - Season 1

The Raney's are called to a failing Homestead in Colorado. Plus, Don makes a 40 mile commute each day leaving Lorinda alone and terrified of the bears and mountain lions.


Roar: The Most Dangerous Movie Ever Made - Season 0

The story behind Roar, the controversial film which included 150 untrained lions and tigers. With 70 crew members injured, it became known as "the most dangerous film ever made".


Fast And Furious

Animal Cops Phoenix - Season 20

Mark tries to catch two untamed cats in a hoarder's house full of over sixty felines. Kelley rescues a German shepherd puppy with an unhealthy appetite for rocks.


Pressure Cooker

Pit Bulls & Parolees - Season 10

Villalobos faces one of their most challenging rescues when a house fire reveals a massive dog-hoarding situation. Two teachers fall in love with a deaf puppy.