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Tricked Out Cat Castle

Animal Cribs - Season 1

Designer Antonio Ballatore and his team build a cats-only treehouse. Linked to the family room, Taffy and her ten-year-old owner can now play in style.


Condo Cat Creation

Animal Cribs - Season 1

Antonio transforms a cramped condo for two cats and a rescue dog. His team builds personalised spaces into the furniture, and install a 20 ft climbing wall.


Land Of Ice And Snow

Wildest Europe - Season 1

Explores the wildlife of Northern Europe's frozen frontier, from the golden eagle in Scotland's Cairngorms to the polar bears of Norway's Svalbard Archipelago.


Rivers, Lakes And Oceans

Wildest Europe - Season 1

Discovers the wildlife of Europe's waterways, including the world's only underwater spider, the European river otter, and the Danube delta's golden jackal.


Bush Heart

Alaskan Bush People - Season 3

Matt, Bam, Bear and Gabe feel the strain of making deliveries in harsh conditions. Plus, circumstances force a decision that will change the lives of the wolfpack.


Time-Telling Dogs And Kangaroo Hops

How Do Animals Do That? - Season 1

How do dogs tell time? What is the secret behind the kangaroo's hop? Plus, why do vultures fly in circles? Experts answer these questions!


Storm on the Horizon

Pit Bulls & Parolees - Season 4

Hurricane season is approaching and Tia prepares for the worst. Later, Villalobos employee Rico steps up to the plate when his grandparents adopt a shy dog.


Scary Tails

My Cat From Hell - Season 7

Jackson works with a cat, Skylar, who's literally afraid of her own tail. Plus, Jackson meets up with a pair of guardians whose cat is constantly knocking things over.


Katrina Storms in

My Cat From Hell - Season 7

Jackson meets up with a soft-spoken musician who feels abused by her adopted cat and is ashamed that she can't figure out how to prevent her cat's behaviour.


Bunny Beach Bungalow

Animal Cribs - Season 2

A couple need Antonio's help to gain back control of their space. Their five rescue bunnies have taken over the house and they want a designated area for them.


Pot-Bellied Pig Palace

Animal Cribs - Season 2

A family ask for Antonio to design the ultimate pig paradise. Mr Pickles needs a new house, mud pit and plenty of space to run around in the garden.


Penguin Chick Swim School

The Zoo: San Diego - Season 1

The keepers wave goodbye to two elephant brothers as they start their new adventure at a zoo in Texas. Plus, two African penguin chicks join the colony.


Browntown Boom

Alaskan Bush People - Season 3

Billy's dream of self-sustainability is tested as the Browns start their biggest project yet, while Matt and Bam help Browntown's expansion with their own venture.


Dead In The Water

Alaskan Bush People - Season 3

The Browns face wild weather as they bring a haul to Port Alexander. The Integrity starts to show its age and the Browns get stranded in the middle of the...


Saved By the Sky

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet - Season 2

A puppy is rescued from a kill shelter in Oklahoma. And a dog eats a box of toxic chocolates infused with marijuana, and is rushed to the clinic for treatment.


The Lion's Den

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet - Season 2

Dr Jeff races to save the legs of a puppy who has been hit by a car. And newly hired exotic pet vet, Dr Baier, treats a Burmese python that...



Bindi's Croc Trip Surprise

Crikey! It's the Irwins - Season 3

The family return to the Steve Irwin Wildlife Rescue to study crocodiles. Then, Bindi and Chandler reveal an exciting, life-changing announcement.


Komodo Connection

Crikey! It's the Irwins - Season 3

Robert watches anxiously as Indah the Komodo dragon meets a potential mating partner. Plus, Terri deals with a python with an unusual lump.


Episode 9

Animal Cops Houston - Season 19

In a special edition of Animal Cops Houston Investigators look back at the most shocking cases of the series, reliving stories of despair, neglect, rescue and hope.


Episode 10

Animal Cops Houston - Season 19

In a special episode we go behind the closed doors of Hoarder homes and find out how the Houston SPCA is fighting this most shocking act of an animal cruelty.


Real Housecat Of Orange County

My Cat From Hell - Season 6

Peggy is a 'Real Housewife of Orange County'. Being a housewife, she's used to catfights, except she's now dealing with one involving her real cat.


Bad Cat Karma

My Cat From Hell - Season 6

When Justin gave his mum Bombadil, he had no idea the cat would be a gift from hell. Buddhists Tom and Pola lived in harmony until they adopted Percy.