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Raised In Rescue

Pit Bulls & Parolees: Tia's Tales - Season 11

Tia's daughter Mariah recounts her experience of being born into the rescue life. She reveals her first solo rescue and losing her beloved dog, Sloth.


Bush Heart

Alaskan Bush People - Season 3

Matt, Bam, Bear and Gabe feel the strain of making deliveries in harsh conditions. Plus, circumstances force a decision that will change the lives of the wolfpack.


Best Family Dogs

Dogs 101: Specials - Season 1

Find out which dogs make the best family pets - the Golden Retriever, Great Dane, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Newfoundland, Labrador Retriever or Bichon Frise?


High Country Bear Lair

Homestead Rescue - Season 2

The Counters moved to a remote plot in Colorado for much-needed tranquillity. But two years in, their crops are failing, and their teenage kids are bored.


Dog Town, USA

Animal Cribs - Season 2

Antonio helps a family who have opened their garden to all the dogs in the neighbourhood. They add a paddling pool, ramps and tunnels and custom dog houses!


Tank Of Jericho

Tanked - Season 7

WWE Superstar Chris Jericho wants a large aquarium with a replica championship belt and List of Jericho. Will Brett and Wayde be victorious or put on the list?



Pit Bulls & Parolees - Season 8

Earl returns from rehab, hoping to rebuild his life working with the dogs. Plus, Lizzy rescues a dog after a confrontation with the owner who abandoned it.


The Pitz Carlton

Pit Bulls & Parolees - Season 10

Lizzy and Elise struggle to rescue a dangerously dehydrated dog. Plus, an abandoned and anxious dog is moved to a new warehouse for dogs with special needs.


Quake On The Forty

Homestead Rescue - Season 2

The Raneys return to Alaska, but they find their homestead on complete disrepair. They race to build a steel tram before the deep freeze sets in again.


Best Builds

The Pool Master - Season 1

Anthony Archer-Wills presents the best bits of Pool Master, as well as never before seen footage and behind the scenes antics from the first three episodes.


Race To The Finish

Life at Vet University - Season 1

It's just days until graduation and the students finish their final rotations but although the countdown has started emergencies still need immediate attention.


We Love Dogs: Wags to Riches Special!

From Wags To Riches - Season 1

Looking back at highlights from the series, catching up with the adoption cases, and some brand new surprising moments with the Berlonis!


Matter Of Life

Pit Bulls & Parolees: Tia's Tales - Season 11

Tia looks back at Villalobos' most memorable shelter rescues. She reveals unforgettable moments including the Breaux Bridge fighting dogs.


Real Housecat Of Orange County

My Cat From Hell - Season 6

Peggy is a 'Real Housewife of Orange County'. Being a housewife, she's used to catfights, except she's now dealing with one involving her real cat.


A Fresh Start

Animal Cops Philadelphia - Season 12

Animal Cops discover a Doberman in an alarming state; its claws are so long they've grown into the pads of its feet. The dog is rescued but can its leg...



Alyssa's Charmed Tank

Tanked - Season 7

Actress, activist, and entrepreneur Alyssa Milano tasks Wayde and Brett with making a tank for her family - an elegant aquarium with a built-in wine rack.


Down Below

Pit Bulls & Parolees - Season 8

A woman travels from San Diego to offer one of Villalobos' senior dogs a home. Meanwhile, Lizzy and Marcel search for a mama dog's lost puppies out in the country.


South American Slasher

Legends Of The Wild - Season 1

Brazilian ranchers are being attacked by an unknown creature. There's a wide range of suspects from jaguars to caimans, which animal is responsible?


Blood Beach

Legends Of The Wild - Season 1

Endangered ridley sea turtles are turning up dead along the beach in Costa Rica during the monthly arribada. But could the predator be from the land or sea or both?


Starving in the Wilderness

Alaska: Surviving the Last Frontier - Season 1

Carolyn Wise heads out on a moose hunt and the Flower Lake group stalks squirrels. The other groups are forced to take desperate measures to find food.


Episode 1

Meet The Orangutans - Season 1

Follow the lives of orphaned orangutan babies as they are brought to the world's oldest orangutan sanctuary in Borneo. Toddlers are wheel-barrowed in for lessons in life.


Episode 2

Meet The Orangutans - Season 1

One orphan is new on the scene, and needs another, more experienced one to help them bed in. The babies are at high risk from parasites ingested from the ground.