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Canadian Bigfoot, Eh?

Finding Bigfoot - Season 2

The Bigfoot researchers head to the Canadian Rockies to investigate a unique Bigfoot encounter caught on tape. Can they track down this territorial Sasquatch?


Baby Bigfoot

Finding Bigfoot - Season 2

The research team visit New York to investigate video footage of a baby Bigfoot. Will a new search method help them to locate Sasquatches living near the Big Apple?


Big Rhody

Finding Bigfoot - Season 2

The team travel to Rhode Island to examine video of a roadside sighting of a Bigfoot. Could this small state turn out to be a prime location for Sasquatch activity?


Buckeye Bigfoot

Finding Bigfoot - Season 2

The researchers recruit a team of volunteers to help them to investigate Bigfoot sightings in a forest in Ohio. Can they find evidence of the beast's existence?


Virginia Is for Bigfoot Lovers

Finding Bigfoot - Season 2

The team visit Virginia to check out footage of a creature the locals have dubbed 'The Beast of Gumhill'. Can they prove this elusive beast is real?


Venomous Missile

Little Giants - Season 1

In Thailand, the team track down one of the few venomous mammals in the world. With incredible agility, the Thai musk shrew is a force to be reckoned with.


Alaskan Mountain Treehouse

Treehouse Masters - Season 6

Pete builds a treehouse for the Mt McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge. The team constructs an A-frame masterpiece with stunning Alaskan mountain views.


Penny Hates Puck

My Cat From Hell - Season 4

New cat Penny viciously attacks gentle and senior cat Puck - what is the problem? Plus, a cat's stuffed animal causes odd behaviour that confuses its owners.


Feral Scottish Fold

My Cat From Hell - Season 4

A cat attacks others that live under the same roof with ruthless efficiency and an adopted stray has trouble shedding its aggressive side. Can Jackson help?


Macho Cat

My Cat From Hell - Season 4

Ryann and Derek's cats do not get along, as Buddy bullies Lita. Jen and Nicole got along great, until Jen got a cat named Princess Puffy Pants who pees on...


Graveyard Of Peed On Things

My Cat From Hell - Season 4

Pip is a one-eyed cerebral hypoplasia cat who attacks her owner's other cat, Red. Plus, Erin's cat Autumn pees everywhere, but can Jackson stop it?



My Cat From Hell - Season 4

Sara and John are now expecting their first child but are concerned over their aggressive cat, Lucy. Animal behaviourist wannabe Keri can't stop her cats fighting.


The White Tornado

My Cat From Hell - Season 4

Kristen's cat is marking everything- can Jackson change his ways? Liz and Michael have lived in peace with their senior cat Remy, until Kimba entered their lives.


The Caribbean Monk Seal

Extinct Or Alive - Season 2

Forrest sets off on a dangerous, shark-infested search for the extinct Caribbean monk seal. He and the crew come face-to-face with a giant tiger shark.


New Day For An Old Tortoise

The Zoo: San Diego - Season 1

Tortoise Jaws isn't well, so the staff works to bring him out of his shell. Two giraffe calves need to be hand-reared and a koala is ready for a mate.


A Lion's Tale

The Zoo: San Diego - Season 1

The keepers prepare a high-spirited black rhino for her new life on the open African Plains exhibit. Plus, the zoo staff care for a 15-year-old lion and his mate.


Episode 24

How Do Animals Do That - Season 1

Animals can do extraordinary things - but how do they do it? Experts spill the secrets of the animal kingdom with amazing footage and surprising facts.


Episode 25

How Do Animals Do That - Season 1

Animals can do extraordinary things - but how do they do it? Experts spill the secrets of the animal kingdom with amazing footage and surprising facts.



Bears Will Be Bears

The Bronx Zoo - Season 2

Armani the Aardvark suffers from a mouth infection which seems to only get worse every day. Plus, the brown bears keep digging up and destroying their exhibit.


High Country Bear Lair

Homestead Rescue: Surviving The Wild - Season 2

The Raneys help a family realise their dream of living off-grid in a remote Colorado homestead. They build a cellar and greenhouse to make them thrive.


Winter Is Coming

The Last Alaskans - Season 1

To prepare for the unforgiving season when temperatures drop to -50, everyone must search for the one animal large enough to feed a family through winter.


Puppy Overload

Amanda To The Rescue - Season 1

A new mum Chihuahua and her eight puppies are ready to go to their homes. Amanda takes Splat, a special needs bulldog puppy with swimmers' syndrome, into her care.


Shining Star

Animal Cops Houston - Season 7

Star, a young mare, is 200lbs underweight, but thanks to the intervention of the Houston SPCA, she gets a second chance at a happy life.