The Best Known Waterfalls in Slovakia

There are an estimated 200 waterfalls in Slovakia and we’ve rounded up some of the best. So read on and get ready to fall for these marvels of nature’s aquatic artistry.

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1 June 2023

Nestled in the heart of Europe, Slovakia is a vivid tapestry of sparkling lakes, undulating valleys, and towering mountains, each element conspiring to infuse the land with an enchanting allure. These natural wonders form an awe-inspiring canvas against which the waterfalls of Slovakia thunder and sparkle.

Amid the country’s pristine landscapes, an estimated 200 waterfalls surge, plummet, and cascade, their symphony echoing through the valleys, writing an unforgettable ode to the nation’s captivating beauty. In this article, we explore some of the very best waterfalls in Slovakia, starting our journey with the tallest of them all.

Kmeťov vodopád

The Kmeťov vodopád waterfall (Credit: gubernat via Getty Images)

First on our list is the grand Kmeťov waterfall, or Kmeťov vodopád in Slovak. With its towering height of approximately 260 feet, up to 300 feet by some accounts, it claims the title of the tallest waterfall in Slovakia. Majestically perched in the High Tatras, it possesses an untamed elegance, weaving a serpentine path that captivates at every twist and turn.

Závojový Vodopád

Water falling and splashing. (Credit: LITTLE DINOSAUR via Getty Images)

The name Závojový Vodopád means “Veil Waterfall”, a fitting moniker for this silky stream in Sokolí Dolina or “Falcon Valley”. At 230-feet high, it’s the highest waterfall in the national park of Slovenský raj or “Slovak Paradise”, and the second tallest waterfall in Slovakia. It negotiates its downwards journey not as a single plunge, but in several guises and stages, the tallest of these tiers being the final 65 feet or so.

Vodopády Studeného Potoka

Cold stream in Great Cold Valley in the National Park High Tatra, Slovakia. (Credit: Remedios via Getty Images)

In the picturesque High Tatra districts of Starý Smokovec and Tatranská Lomnica lie some of the most beautiful Slovakian waterfalls. Among them, Vodopády Studeného Potoka, or the Cold Creek Falls, is an intricate symphony of cascades rather than a single waterfall. Its emerald waters navigate vast boulders and moss-dusted logs, creating scenic pools along the log-strewn stream. The “giant waterfall” or Obrovský vodopád, a frothy jet shooting 66 feet upwards, is a standout among this captivating array of falls. At least five other waterfalls are included under the Cold Creek umbrella, among them “the artists’ waterfall,” “little falls,” and “long falls”.

Vodopád Skok

Waterfall (Vodopád Skok) High Tatras, Slovakia. (Credit: Peter_Horvath via Getty Images)

Mlynická Valley in the mountains of the High Tatras is home to the multitiered Vodopád Skok. While its name translates as “Jump Waterfall”, this 80-foot cascade is shaped by the craggy karst terrain over which it flows, lending it the raw, rugged beauty so typical of Slovakian waterfalls. The River Mlynica, along which it forms, is glacier fed and thus the waterfall is at its peak in the spring when the snow melts.

Kľacký Vodopád

Fresh water flowing down a waterfall. (Credit: Boris SV via Getty Images)

The delicate web of streams of Kľacký vodopád have a silky quality as they burble along their steep and uneven path of almost 100 feet. Located within Malá Fatra National Park, it sits amongst the alpine majesty of the northernmost Western Carpathian range.

Misove vodopády

Misove Vodopadyin Slovensky Raj, Slovakia (Credit: FroggyFrogg via Getty Images)

Returning to the national park of Slovenský raj, we find Misove vodopády, one of Slovakia’s best waterfalls. Regarded as a bucolic wonder, it weaves through the narrow gorge of Suchá Belátrail, creating a crisscross of streams that plunge approximately 100 feet down. This picturesque waterfall is indeed a slice of Slovakian paradise.

Brankovský Vodopád

Refreshing waterfall splashing a fine mist. (Credit: Michael Duva via Getty Images)

The tallest waterfall in the Low Tatras or “Nízke Tatry” is the 180-foot high Brankovský vodopád. Located at the mouth of Revúcka Valley, it’s amongst a handful of the waterfalls of Slovakia declared as national monuments. It’s also something of a chameleon, its flow rate shifting depending on the amount of rainfall or freezing entirely in the winter, when it transforms into a dramatic icefall.

Lúčansky vodopád

A scenic view of the Lucansky waterfall located in Lucky, Slovakia. (Credit: Wirestock via Getty Images)

At 40 feet high, the Lúčansky waterfall is not in the running for the tallest waterfall in Slovakia, but is certainly one of its prettiest. In fact, there’s something reminiscent of a wedding cake to its travertine terraces, the water tumbling down like icing. It forms the focal point of a park within the village of Lucky under the Choč mountain range.

Waterfalls of Slovakia

Waterfalls near Hrebienok, High Tatras, Slovakia. (Credit: DEA / W. BUSS / Contributor via Getty Images)

As we conclude our journey through the diverse terrains of Slovakia, it becomes evident how the captivating charisma of the waterfalls of Slovakia encapsulates its natural allure. From the towering grandeur of Kmeťov vodopád to the intricate cascade system of Vodopády Studeného Potoka, each waterfall tells its own tale of untamed elegance. These are no mere geologic formations, but symbols of Slovakia’s raw, rustic charm. Regardless of their height, their flow, or their location, these waterfalls stand as testament to the extraordinary beauty born of Slovakia’s rich and diverse landscape.


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