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Next Up

Saturday 5th October at 6:00 am

Discovery Channel

About The Show

Follow the journey of two teams of pioneering shipbuilders, from Denmark and Korea, who are joining forces to build a record-breaking ship, 40% larger than existing cargo ships.

This show has exclusive access to film every part of the build; from the design of the vessels unique hull to the construction of the Triple-E’s enormous engines and propellers.

This series will also focus on the human side of the Triple-E’s development and zoom in on the lives of the people involved with the ship, including the naval architect, members of the site team supervising the build and the Captain.


6:00 am

5 Oct

Discovery Channel

Episode 1

Mega Yards

In the South Korean shipyards of Okpo and Sungdong, two teams are building a giant tanker - the Maersk Tangier - along with the world's biggest jack-up rig - the...

7:00 am

5 Oct

Discovery Channel

Episode 2

Huge Hulls

The workers face one of the heaviest lifts any of them have ever attempted - hoisting a giant 3,000-tonne leg into position, with the help of the yard's floating crane.

8:00 am

5 Oct

Discovery Channel

Episode 3


The Tangier is welded together from 129 giant steel blocks. As the challenges increase for the tanker team, the rig team is also feeling the pressure.

9:00 am

5 Oct

Discovery Channel

Episode 4

Super Tug

The construction of the vessel's bow and stern begins in Poland, but it's a bumpy start for the new build. Meanwhile in Korea, the XLE4's hull is being completed.

10:00 am

5 Oct

Discovery Channel

Episode 5


In Norway, workers prepare for the delivery of the super tug's hull pieces. Back in South Korea, the Tangier is about to take to the open sea for the very...

11:00 am

5 Oct

Discovery Channel

Episode 6

Maiden Voyage

Finally complete, the Tangier has left port to begin her maiden voyage. On the other side of the world, the super tug team race against the clock to finish the...