Episode 1

Four's A Crowd

Charmaine Whalen wanted a big beautiful wedding with the love of her life. But as her dreams were coming true, she found herself in the centre of her worst nightmare.

Episode 2

Witt's End

Jason Witt had everything, except love. That is, until he meets beautiful Andria Stanley online. But his perfect match is hiding a dark secret behind her gorgeous smile.

Episode 3

Dangerous Game

It seemed Mandy had met her perfect match in David. After the pair wed, it wasn't long before Mandy realized David was playing a vile game of his own.

Episode 4

A Dangerous Affair

Marine Sergeant Stephen Tepatti fell hard for Astrid Peñate. Within a year they were married and raising a son. But then Astrid's friend Ebony arrived.

Episode 5

The Sympathy Card

For Tabitha Howe, romance was the last thing on her mind when she fell for Scott Wellington. But behind his kind-hearted façade was a monster.

Episode 6

Badge Of Dishonor

Rachel Alvarez thought her husband Sergio had found his calling when he embarked on a career as a cop. Then, one day police arrived at her door with the truth.

Episode 8

Poison Love

Not long after they took their vows, Nathan discovered the devil behind Shannon's smile and would soon find himself a matter of national security.