About The Show

13 year-old Kacie Woody meets two male friends via the internet. But one of these boys is not what he seems, as Kacie’s innocent online contacts turn to tragedy.


Episode 1

Web Of Spies

In the fallout of a bitter divorce, a young mother finds herself the victim of a vicious cyberstalking campaign that threatens to destroy her whole life.

Episode 2

I See You

A masked predator is harassing high school girls in New Hampshire. Can detectives uncover the identity of this online stalker before it's too late?

Episode 3

Tortured Hero

When a young Army veteran returns from war, danger lurks closer to home. A brief encounter on a dating app leads to a devastating tragedy.

Episode 4

Virtual Hitchhiking

A teenager goes missing after meeting someone online, and police discover a predator far more dangerous than they ever imagined - a serial killer on the loose.

Episode 5

Killer Chatroom

A college student seeks support online when the stresses of life begin to mount. He bonds with a young nurse who turns out to be anything but a healer.

Episode 6

The Model Predator

When a model scout approaches two high school boys for photos, they can't resist her advances. But her intimate requests lead to devastating consequences.

Episode 7

The Enemy Within

A manipulative online predator wreaks havoc on high school boys in a small California town. One mother won't stop until justice is finally served.

Episode 8

Never Let Her Go

An Australian man takes extreme measures to control all aspects of his girlfriend's life. Ultimately, his controlling behaviour escalates to a devastating crime.

Episode 9

Lonesome Cowboy

When a body is discovered in a yard, police have little to go on. The homeowner has recently disappeared, and all that he has left behind are clues posted online.

Episode 10

Cruel Intentions

A young woman is besotted with a man she met online. The two plan to marry as soon as he leaves prison, but then she suddenly disappears.

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