About The Show

13 year-old Kacie Woody meets two male friends via the internet. But one of these boys is not what he seems, as Kacie’s innocent online contacts turn to tragedy.


Episode 1

The Girl In The Photo

After a house party spirals out of control, a shocking photo goes viral. Vicious bullying follows that drives an innocent girl to take desperate action.

Episode 2


Three young girls meet a guy online, who is friendly and flirty. But, months later his demeaner shifts and he traps the girls into a vicious game that they can't...

Episode 3

The Devil's Pact

When a young mother plummets into depression, she turns to the internet for comfort. She discovers a virtual world of fetishes, fantasies and dark intentions.

Episode 4

The Deadly Hoax

22-year-old Tyler Barriss dreamt of becoming a professional gamer. Then, one day he gets involved in the dangerous world of 'swatting' and it ends in tragedy.

Episode 5

Love At First Text

When a single mum finds her dream man online, she can't believe her luck. But her quest to meet him soon turns into every mother's worst nightmare.

Episode 6

The Social Media Butterfly

21-year-old Jasmine Nunez moves to New York and falls in love. But, he is incredibly jealous of her social media following and it results in tragedy.

Episode 7

Murder Goes Live

Rannita Williams gets into an online war of words with her boyfriend's lover. As the fight escalates, he wants to protect his lover and livestreams it on Facebook.

Episode 8

Fatal Façade

Teenagers Tawnee Baird and Victoria Mendoza fall in love and their whirlwind romance gains them a social media following - but is it really the perfect relationship?

Episode 9

Death Of An Internet Star

Young fashion designer Tamisha Ridge's career rockets at the same time she meets her dream man. But, a violent ex is released from jail and wants her back.

Episode 10

Webcam Of Lies

A young singer, Amanda Todd, finds love with a fan online. Her story is one of the world's most infamous sextortion cases and changed international internet laws.