Episode 1

Into The Elephant Kingdom

Dr Chris Brown heads to Thailand to give medical attention to endangered Asian elephants. Plus, he helps with the release of two white-handed gibbons.

Episode 2

Surrounded By Sharks

Dr Chris Brown heads to the coast of Australia to rescue fur seals caught in fishing lines. In Fiji, he tags bull sharks that are being fished in a local...

Episode 3

Into The Lion's Den

Dr Chris Brown goes to South Africa where he performs surgery on a trio of lionesses. Plus, he helps de-horn an endangered white rhino to keep the poachers away.

Episode 4

Vietnam's Endangered Animals

Dr Chris sets off to Vietnam to perform surgery on two endangered turtles. Later, he treats a group of smuggled Pangolins on the brink of death.

Episode 5

Island Of Koalas

Dr Chris Brown returns to Australia to investigate a deadly disease that's killing koalas. And, he travels to a remote Indigenous town being overrun by dogs.

Episode 6

Cheetahs Of The Desert

Dr Chris Brown travels to Namibia where he works with the cheetah population at a sanctuary. And, he performs a health check on baby meerkats.

Episode 7

Wild Tasmanian Devils

Dr Chris Brown is in Tasmania to treat endangered Tasmanian Devils with a rare form of cancer. Later, he treats wombats with an aggressive strain of mange.

Episode 8

Sloth Salvation

Dr Chris Brown travels to Costa Rica to help a sloth with a life-threatening injury. And, he captures and treats a capuchin monkey with an unidentified skin disease.

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