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Nigel explores Yunnan, China’s Kingdom of Animals, where he finds snubbed-nose monkeys, fire-bellied toads and big-headed turtles. But will he be able to dodge the pit vipers?


Episode 1

Kingdom Of Animals

Nigel is in Yunnan Province, where over half of China's animal species live. He explores the ancient city of Dali and meets some bizarre and deadly reptiles.

Episode 2

Deserts Of The North

Over a third of China's land area is made up of deserts. In the northern province of Xinjiang, Nigel searches for the Bactrian camel and long-eared jerboa.

Episode 3

Land Of Giants

In southern Yunnan, Nigel finds China's largest lizard, the world's biggest species of moth and a super-sized serpent. And, can he track down the Asian elephant?

Episode 4

Heavenly Mountains

Nigel embarks on a big journey to find one of China's most captivating animals in the wild - the red panda. And, he looks for singing frogs and slimy salamanders.

Episode 5

Grasslands Of Mongolia

Nigel explores the vast grasslands of Inner Mongolia. He's on the lookout for the demoiselle cane. Plus, he comes across venomous snakes and speedy lizards.

Episode 6

Tibet's High Plateau

Nigel travels on the highest altitude railway in the world in search of the rare and elusive Tibetan antelope. Plus, he finds a Tibetan fox and her cubs.

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