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Real-life combat from a soldier’s-eye-view of battle. US forces face a huge task to reclaim the city from insurgents.


Episode 1

Fallujah: The Taking of Terror Central

Operation Phantom Fury was meant to be a 48 hour battle but insurgents were fighting back. How did US forces manage to reclaim the city?

Episode 2

Hue: Vietnam's Bloodiest Battle

Viewers are taken on a nail-biting journey to experience The Battle of Hue at the beginning of the Tet Offensive in 1968 during the Vietnam War.

Episode 3

Khe Sanh: Marines Under Siege

Six thousand marines fight for survival against a vast, highly trained Communist army. It's a battle that will shape the course of the war in Vietnam.

Episode 4

Kandahar: Against All Odds

Real-life combat from a soldier's-eye-view of battle. US special forces face off against a much larger Taliban insurgence to take control of Kandahar.

Episode 5

Baghdad: Thunder Runs

In 2003, US tanks punched through to the heart of Baghdad, stormed Saddam's palaces, and toppled the dictator. How did this offensive redefine urban warfare?

Episode 6

Courage at Sea

In 1944, as war raged in the Pacific, US forces invaded the Leyte Gulf in an ambitious bid to take the Philippine Islands back from the Japanese. Did they succeed?

Episode 7

Taking Back the Pacific

The battle of Midway will change the course of history and the Pacific war. Discover how the US forces take on the most powerful navy in the world.

Episode 8

Okinawa: Island Fortress

When US troops landed on Okinawa they were confronted by 120,000 Japanese soldiers and bombarded by kamikaze strikes. Who won this pivotal battle?

Episode 9

Chosin: One Way Out

17,000 US Marines cross the 38th Parallel to cut off the communist regime. Trapped and outnumbered by Chinese troops, they must fight their way out or die.

Episode 10

Bulge: Holding the Line

The US army meets an overwhelming German force in thick snow in the Ardennes forest. What follows is the bloodiest battle of WW2: The Battle of the Bulge.

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