About The Show

Former FBI agent Ben Hansen examines the truth behind UFO sightings across America, unlocking the secrets of the past to examine today’s encounters.


Episode 1

The Shapeshifter

Reports of shapeshifting UFOs reveal a potential threat to our military. Ben and Melissa set out to investigate the beings and craft behind these sightings.

Episode 2

Orbs And Insectoids

Alarming reports of orb-shaped UFOs and close encounters with sadistic aliens leave Ben and Melissa with more questions than answers in New England.

Episode 3

The Undersea Alien Base

An alleged underwater alien base may be the site of gruesome experiments. Ben and Melissa investigate what is really going on beneath the waves.

Episode 4

The Fireball And The Star People

Ben and Melissa explore reports of fireballs in the skies of northern Idaho. A series of ancient petroglyphs may explain the uptick in sightings.

Episode 5

Grey Alien-Human Hybridization

A series of cattle mutilations may be linked to a twisted alien experiment. Ben and Melissa head to Colorado to investigate this strange connection.

Episode 6

Arcturians And Black Triangles

Alarmingly advanced UFOs may pose a threat to the future of humanity. Ben and Melissa head to Las Vegas to investigate whether these claims are true.

Episode 7

Pleiadians And Alien Conspiracy

Ben and Melissa explore a recent trend that has them concerned. Are extra-terrestrials brainwashing their victims in a plot to dominate humanity?

Episode 8

Nordics And The Cube

A secret UFO hot spot may be influencing strange happenings in Missouri. Ben and Melissa investigate the truth behind these terrifying reports.

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