About The Show

Former FBI agent Ben Hansen examines the truth behind UFO sightings across America, unlocking the secrets of the past to examine today’s encounters.


Episode 1

Alien Crash Secrets

Over the past year, numerous UFO sightings have been reported in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. Are these current sightings linked to an infamous incident in 1965?

Episode 2

Secrets Of The State

In 2017, three classified videos of Navy pilots encountering UFOs were leaked. Ben Hansen digs deep to find the truth behind these military sightings.

Episode 3

The Mothership Returns

In 1997, over 20,000 people witnessed bright lights hovering over Phoenix, AZ. Ben Hansen investigates these and other UFO sightings.

Episode 4

Claws In The Night

Thousands of people witness UFOs every year, but some claim to have been abducted. Piles of evidence support their stories - why are they not taken seriously?

Episode 5

Alien High Tech

A startling new report claims a prominent astrophysicist worked on an aircraft reverse-engineered from the parts of downed UFOs. Ben Hansen investigates.

Episode 6

Aliens Underground

The small town of Dulce, New Mexico, may harbour an underground alien base. Ben Hansen travels there to investigate if the rumours are true.

Episode 7

The Hybrid Secret

A rumoured extra-terrestrial breeding program sends Ben in search of answers about alien-human hybrids. Is this linked to the Betty and Barney Hill case?

Episode 8

Close Encounters

Ben is in Florida to investigate a woman's claim that an extra-terrestrial visited her garden. Is this reported sighting connected to a similar incident from 1955?

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