About The Show

Brad DeBerti was a burgeoning motorsports star, winning his first two professional races. But after a serious accident, he and his dad, Doug, build custom cars and trucks.


Episode 1

Million Dollar Idea

Brad DeBerti and his dad, Doug, build a tool truck that still has all its cool features. Plus, does Brad have what it takes to race on a dirt track...

Episode 2

More Than Meets The Eye

Brad DeBerti and his dad, Doug, plan to reveal a new truck at the world's biggest auto show. But, they are under serious time pressure - can they finish it?

Episode 3

Shop Rod Rising

The DeBerti son and dad team want to prove they can custom old rides too. They're taking on a big risk with a van that they are determined to turn...

Episode 4

Rod Rage

Doug and Brad rebuild an old 1961 van to flip their brand towards a new market of restomods. But a miscalculation on the "shop rod" stalls the build.

Episode 5

Street Racing Machine

The DeBertis turn a mid-size truck into a street racing machine that can switch from drifting to road racing. But the job may require the team to relocate.

Episode 6

The Peak Of Performance

Doug and Brad feel the heat with just 45 days to finish their race truck prototype and move out of their old shop. And, Brad competes in a rally cross...

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