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27th December


About The Show

Brad DeBerti was a burgeoning motorsports star, winning his first two professional races. But after a serious accident, he and his dad, Doug, build custom cars and trucks.


Dec 31


Episode 1

Building A Future

The DeBertis get an order to build fighter jet-themed Raptor truck. Meanwhile, Brad prepares for his first race after an accident put him in to hospital.

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Back On Track

A ground-breaking build challenges the DeBerti team to convert a full-size pick-up truck into a drift truck. And Brad feels ready to get to pro-lite racing.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Off Track, On Course

On track to return to pro-lite racing, Brad and Doug get to work on prepping a new truck for the racetrack. And, they mod a 2018 Mustang for the SEMA...

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Race To The Top

It's all hands on deck as the Deberti crew races to complete the 2018 Mustang build. And, at the SEMA show a chance encounter could jumpstart Brad's race career.

Dec 27


Episode 5


Racing superstar Joey Logano brings his F-150 to the Deberti garage for a rebuild. In exchange for the build, Joey offers to help launch Brad's racing career.

Dec 27


Episode 6

Start Your Engines

The DeBertis race to finish an off-road truck for Nascar driver Joey Logano. Brad trains with a local stock car race team hoping to take the next step to NASCAR.

Dec 27


Episode 7

Bullring Battle

The Debertis build an epic Rockcrawler. Plus, Brad's first asphalt race leads to a valuable lesson when he's involved in a high-speed crash.

Dec 27


Episode 8

Race To The Finish

The Debertis build a beastly rock-crawler on spec hoping for cash to fund Brad's racing career. Joey Logano coaches Brad before the biggest race of the season.