Episode 1

The Tuxedo King

When a prominent businessman is kidnapped from a parking lot for a multimillion-dollar ransom, the NYPD races against the clock to find him alive.

Episode 2

Baby Hope

A grisly discovery on a Manhattan road leads detectives down a twisting trail of clues. Will the police hunt down the child killer before he strikes again?

Episode 3

Last Call At The Falls

When the body of a young woman is found wrapped in a blanket, investigators race against time to find her killer before he strikes again.

Episode 4

Million Dollar Murder

The murder of a businessman sends shockwaves through the Upper East Side. Can the police untangle a web of lies to find the killer?

Episode 5

CSI Slay

A young CSI tech is found murdered in her home. The police follow a complicated trail of forensic clues to unravel the truth about who killed her.

Episode 6

The Blood Will Not Rest

A crime caught on tape shows a Brooklyn landlord in a fight for his life. How will the police respond when his body is found the next day?

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