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Next Up


17th December



Dec 21


Episode 1

Rage In Rose City

After a home invasion turned deadly with the near decapitation of a man, police look at the victims' friend and girlfriend. But, four other men may be responsible.

Dec 22


Episode 2

Once An Animal

A murder unsolved for 12 years is linked to a brutal assault. And, when the killer strikes in Portland, multiple homicide detectives team up to bring him to justice.

Dec 23


Episode 3


Three college students believe it is their duty to rid Portland of its sinners and criminals. The investigation leads to one of the city's biggest ever manhunts.

Dec 24


Episode 4

Terror In The Pines

Greg Cook was one of the most wanted men in America. After already killing three people, he met an unsuspecting single mother - would she be his fourth victim?

Dec 17


Episode 5

Deadly Decision

In 2013, Tiffany Jenks was found dead in a park. Detectives piece together evidence leading to four suspects and some terrifying theories for her coldblooded murder.

Dec 17


Episode 6

Slippery Slope

When a husband was kidnapped and never seen again, and the wife was nearly killed, police are stumped. But, they discover a dark story of deceit, death and cover-ups.