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16th December


About The Show

A pair of fitness fiends wants a multipurpose pool they can use for exercise and entertaining friends, but is also a safe place for their four dogs.


Dec 24


Episode 1

Cliffside Pool

Anthony and his team build an adrenaline-filled adventure pool complete with natural beach entry, rushing waterfall, a massive diving-rock and splashdown zip line.

Dec 24


Episode 2

Wine Party Pool

Anthony and crew set out to build a backyard retreat in the heart of wine country, but a steep grade, unstable clay soil and unpredictable cause major problems.

Dec 24


Episode 3

Edible Pool

A restaurant owner and his family want an oasis in their desert landscape to fit their ultra-organic lifestyle. Can Antony and the team make their dreams come true?

Dec 24


Episode 4

Ultimate Pools

Anthony visits the world's most stunning and jaw-dropping pools - from an oasis in Oklahoma to a pool perched high atop the Pacific Ocean.

Dec 24


Episode 5

Texas-Sized Pool

An outdoors-loving couple calls on Anthony to create a Texas-sized swimming pool area where their baby daughter and young grandchildren can safely explore nature.

Dec 16


Episode 6

English Garden Pool

Small-town Texas parents enlist Anthony to transform their ordinary backyard into a tranquil garden, reminiscent of mum's home country of England.

Dec 16


Episode 7

Fire And Water

A busy firefighter and his wife living on a farm in Northern California need Anthony's help to fix the do-it-yourself pool project they started.

Dec 17


Episode 8

Laps Of Luxury

A pair of fitness fiends wants a multipurpose pool they can use for exercise and entertaining friends, but is also a safe place for their four dogs.

Dec 18


Episode 9

Sporting Pool

A family is putting renovations on hold to build the pool of their dreams. But with limited space and challenging weather, can Anthony find a way to please everyone?

Dec 19


Episode 10

Japanese Water Garden

Anthony and his team rip out a boring backyard and replace it with a Japanese water garden paradise, complete with a mountain hot tub and multiple waterfalls.

Dec 20


Episode 11

More Ultimate Pools

Anthony Archer-Wills is distinguished for being the best in the world for what he does - designing and delivering the ultimate swimming experience.

Dec 24


Episode 12

Best Builds

Anthony Archer-Wills presents the best bits of Pool Master, as well as never before seen footage and behind the scenes antics from the first three episodes.