Episode 1

Taken In Tennessee

In 2011, Holly Bobo was abducted from her home in rural Tennessee. The investigation went cold for two years, until a hunter makes a gruesome discovery.

Episode 2

Beauty For Ashes

In 2016, Tricia Todd is reported missing when she fails to pick up her daughter from a babysitter. Police used her online journal to discover what happened.

Episode 3

Secrets On The Lake

In 2000, 31-year-old Mike Williams vanished whilst duck hunting in Florida. His boat and gun were found, but it took 17 years for police to find the suspects.

Episode 4

Murder On The Mountain

In 2014, Nancy Pfister's body was found in her closet. Police had several suspects but minimal evidence until they looked at her personal items.

Episode 5

Through A Child's Eyes

In 1982, JoAnn Tate was stabbed to death in her home in St Louis. Her three young children were also attacked, and they helped lead police to the killer.

Episode 6

The Darkest Hour

In 2012, Michelle Mockbee's beaten body was found at work. She was wearing her sapphire ring, so robbery was ruled out. The case stalled until a video blew it open.

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